11.11: A Balancing Portal Shift into Recovery Mode

Breakthrough energy has officially entered our realm allowing us to successfully cut ourselves free and fully transform our lives in order to properly shift into the energy of year 2022.

Many of us may be experiencing vivid dreams and heightened intuition right now. This energy has us reflecting on past traumas and struggles that have continuously drained us for quite some time.

Stability and Clarity will be the foundation of all of this inevitable change.

Recovery is the outcome.

If you have been feeling as though every step you have taken has resulted in being held back or feeling stuck then this will be a very important transitional time for you. Finally balance will be restored!

Karmic situations are going to wrap themselves up and you will wake up one day feeling refreshed and fully recovered out of nowhere.

If you have not been doing the work on yourself, then this message may not resonate with you. This message is specifically for those who have taken the time to rediscover themselves by diving deep into their own darkness. There is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Truth be told, many of you who have not done the work will indeed feel a similar shift in the world’s energy due to the energetic flow of those around you being cleared and rebalanced.

This does not mean you will reap the same benefits. It just means that you will be made fully aware of the changes within others that will reflect upon this earthly plane of existence without a doubt. A recognizable difference will be shown to you in regards to others. You made me forced to get to know others in all new ways as they have now changed (elevated) and are no longer who you thought they were.

In result of this, many friendships will end. Many long term partnerships and contracts will cease to exist.

This is inevitable change due to many light workers being shown their way forward. Please know that this way forward may not include past agreements.

I hope this message makes sense to all of you. I hope that when you come out on the other side of this that you SEE clearly what lies ahead for not only yourself but those who have direct access to you or direct influence over you.

Again…this is a time of RECOVERY! The hard part is over. Allow yourself the space and time to recover properly and heal from within. And don’t forget to honor any request from others that may require time apart. This is very important right now.

Setting clear intentions for the future “you” will not be priority at this time. Setting firm boundaries in the present will be.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection, and Divine Guidance.

As it is below, so it is above. Asè


1010 Portal: Transcendent Collaboration

At least once in every lifetime you are faced with at least one major decision that will change your outlook on the future as well as the trajectory of all events that follow.

Oftentimes these major decisions are somehow tied to something in a past life (karmas) or possibly be linked to something tied to your childhood.

October 10th (1010) energy has already entered the realm. Immediately after Libra had its say so in your part of the world during the height of the New Moon, you probably felt a resurfacing energy coming towards you. Undeniably speaking, we are in the midst of crossing paths with older plans, older thoughts, or even older divinely inspired ideas.

We are being pressured to answer those unanswered calls from the past so that we can look into the future with fresh, new child-like eyes.

Your thought patterns around certain ideas of what life on this plane of existence could be, or even should be, for you and others you deeply care for will undeniably change very soon.

It’s time to face this pressure head on with realistic plans this time. Realistic outlooks, realistic hopes, realistic dreams, etc…

Now is the time when the Divine is nudging you to make a “SOLID DECISION” (2 of swords) around the many things that have somehow begun to hold you back. Unbeknownst to you, you have been feeding an energy of stagnancy in some very important piece of your life that actually branches off into many different arenas in your life.

Some of you have felt as though once one door opens, another door slaps you in the face. Opportunities show up in bits and pieces because you aren’t ready to progress in truth and practicality.

Yes! We all want to be billionaires but do you have a REALISTIC plan on how you intend to get there? And maintain this status? 👀🥴

We could all daydream (7 of cups) of winning the billion dollar lottery but most likely this will only happen to about 1 in every millionth person on Earth. The problem with being stuck in this energy is that we tend to not focus on anything else. All of the plans we have for the future are only tied to “when” or “if” we were to win the lottery.

Where are the plans for the actions we take outside of going to the local convenience store to purchase that lotto ticket?

A new perspective (the hanged man) is here for us to gravitate towards but there is fear holding many of us back from seeing the truth and making solid judgement (Libra) that will challenge us and ultimately catapult us forward.

We have all been here a time or two. Wishes and hoping for something unrealistic to just happen for us without pushing our efforts towards what we should be doing until this impossible mission is made possible.

So, what are you doing to make way for energy like this to materialize right in front of your eyes? Are you sulking in front of the tv wishing you had the love displayed in your go-to romcom movie? Are you stuck daydreaming about the dream house on the lake and not making the necessary moves to actually get a home you can afford right now? Or are you making a list of action-oriented tasks that may take far longer to achieve the final goal but makes it all worth it?

Many of you can look back at a time when you wished for something you currently have right now. Think about what it took to gain that?

Now, let’s do some work.

Take a pen and sheet of paper out. Mark a line down the middle representing your connection to the higher consciousness. Then on the left side label it the “The Past” and on the right side label it “The Present”.

We aren’t concerned with the future right now because that’s where we often get stuck in daydream land.

Let’s ground our attention by focusing on the many things we desired in the past. Go way back to your childhood as well. Even if it was a desire to have purchased your first car at 16 or to have built your first business by 30. Or to be superman or superwoman. What did you see life as back then? How did you view your future as child? Tap into your inner child while making this list. Have fun! And don’t forget that unicorn you always wanted or those rocket launcher boots, lol.

Now, shift over to the “The Present”.

Start freely writing all of the things you desired in “The Past” that you realistically possess right now! It may be children, your first home, or your dream job or just as simple as those red shoes you always wanted. Notice how many of the things you desired as a child manifested into other things as you got older. As your perspective changed and life just happened.

Notice how your perspective shifted. The people, places and things you desired shifted to empower you to fulfill certain achievements and goals each time that were grounded in a realistic viewpoints of life on this earthly plane of existence.

Now flip the sheet of paper over to the back.

Take a few moments to relive what you just brought back to the surface.

Are there things you still need to work on right now to obtain the success you desire in the present moment? Are there things from the past that still resonate with you and you may have forgotten you desired?

Notate your answers to those questions on the back of that sheet of paper. When you are done writing…read them out loud.

Viola! You have just intentionally created “The Future!”

Below those answers of yours, make four bullet points. Beside each bullet point write down your realistic intentions for making “The Future” everything you desire it to be in this very real and present moment.

Daily Affirmation: “Everyday, I attract all that I need by sending out love, gratitude, and welcoming energy. I am no longer focused on the past as my destined future has already been written in the stars.”

Say this affirmation to yourself every single day for the rest of 2021 and watch how the magic unfolds in your life.

I would recommend saying this affirmation while looking at yourself in the mirror every morning. Look yourself in the eyes at sunrise and make a bold statement to yourself, the universe, your spiritual team and ancestors. Your higher self will assist you with staying aligned with these very realistic and practical intentions.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Guidance, and Divine Protection.

As above, so below. As within, so without. ♾



Hello Star Family!!! I am Back!

I can’t explain how deeply happy I am to be typing this message in this exact moment! Truly, if you have ever wondered what being grateful in all that is presently in your life feels like…I can attest to the fact that it feels just like how I feel right now.

As usual, before I get to typing about this fool’s journey I have been on, I send you all absolutely nothing less than the highest frequency of unconditional L-O-V-E from my higher heart to yours!

I am actually so shocked that I was guided to return to this platform at the end of last month. I honestly thought ScribeGodess was a test for me spiritually. Basically, I thought my assignment from my ‘higher self’ to create ScribeGodess was only for temporary use.

A temporary source/outlet for me to share my love for writing, divining and astrology.

A temporary source/outlet for me to abandon my fear of sharing my gifts with the world.

A temporary assignment for me to learn more about my gifts through sharing my mojo with all of you beautiful, amazing souls!

Well, I was halfway correct. ScribeGodess started off as a way for me to connect with the collective so that I could grow my gifts of Seer-ship, Medium-ship and Empathic Healing. I was very successful at that and then I was guided to retreat to learn something that could not be learned through connecting with anyone else. Hence, my hermit mode over the last 4 months or so. Good ole SOLITUDE!

Now that I’m back, this feels so brand new to me.

Not in a sense of getting back in the vibe of writing (because I actually never stopped writing) but in a sense of an entirely brand new karmic era for me. I’m not sure if many of you will understand what I mean exactly…unless you too have successfully completed a karmic cycle and have felt what it feels like to rise from the other side of it?

If you haven’t already…trust me you will eventually. Especially if you are a reader of my materials.

Before this post gets too freakin’ deep, I want to take a step back and thank all of you who continued to connect with me via other outlets. All of you who continued to follow this blog even after I made it private and took a much needed personal growth break! I am grateful and I am extremely excited to be back!

I can’t wait to share with all of you again. I can’t wait to dive into astrology with you all of you again. I can’t wait to start recording new podcasts episodes on AlcheMystic again!

(Me inside of ME right now! 👆🏾😭🤣 I am really excited about Alchemystic!)

Right now, I am going with the flow. I am being guided to build from all of the foundations I previously built. And I mean ALL of them!

I am pretty sure I will be very busy over the next 3 months because I have created foundations all over the place at this point. Let me know in the comments if you are being urged to do the same. We can all commune & blame it on the many planets that are now direct that have been in retrograde for quite some time now. As well as this very intensely hardworking Virgo season. And let us not forget this Mercury retrograde shadow period. So, just as an FYI…if you are planning on launching something brand new that does not have a previous foundation built, you might want to hold off until the end of October to launch. I will share more about the astrological energy around us in another post because much of what is happening is universal energy. Meaning it is not directed at just one zodiac sign or placement. We are all going to benefit in some way from this energy and the upcoming energy soon after Mercury Retrograde leading us into 2022 calendar year and wrapping up 2021 astrological year.

Any who…

I woke up this morning with a serious fire in my belly. My creative self-expression has been partially dormant in the public sector of my life but today it was yanking at my Sacral chakra during my morning routine so much that I had to stop and sit still to see exactly what I was being anxiously called to do next. Keep in mind, I follow a very strict morning routine that includes deep meditation and many other energy alignment, attunement, clearing and balanicing practices.

So, the stars have aligned and here I Am following my inner knowing and reconnecting with the masses yet again on a Mercury ruled day!

I can admit that there was a MAJOR vibe of freedom and liberation when I unlocked this page and reconnected to my domain. There is balance here this time around and I clearly understand my Soul’s Purpose so things are about to be wide open!

I’m excited! Are you excited?! I believe we are ALL excited!! 🌀

Well…I hope all is well with you and yours. I will be changing things around a bit to directly align with my shift into my new roles on this earthy plane. There is specific guidance and sacred knowledge I am being urged to share so buckle up and don’t forget to look up at the stars every once in a while.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Guidance, and Divine Protection.

As above, so below. As within, so without.



Dear Alchemist Letter One

Dear Alchemist,

I am not here to preach to you nor am I here to tell you that all you have learned up until now is incorrect.

I am here to guide you towards your Higher Self as your Celestial Divine Teacher and Shamanic Healer of the consciousness.

I am an Intuitive, just as you are!

I dedicate this section of the ScribeGodess blog to you, Dear Alchemist.

You are a Divine Celestial Being with the innate ability to co-create with the cycles of the universe on this plane of existence and the next.

I created the Dear Alchemist Letters to provide guidance as a forever reference for All.

As you continue to read each letter, please keep this in mind.

With all of my heart, I welcome you unconditionally.



New Moon Ritual for when the Moon enters Aries

Happy New Moon!

If you are searching for more guidance on the New Moon in Pisces please refer to my previous blog posts.

Below you will find the downloadable Ritual for when the New Moon enters Aries a few hours after it’s New phase in Pisces. Very detailed instructions are inside. 💫

Please don’t skip over watching this video fully as I have empowered it with the reiki healing energies of Supreme Happiness & Pure Bliss across this timeline. I hope you accept this energy. Below the video you will find your ritual for the Aries New Moon phase.

As above. So below. As within. So without. 💫

11.11: A Balancing Portal Shift into Recovery Mode

Breakthrough energy has officially entered our realm allowing us to successfully cut ourselves free and fully transform our lives in order to properly shift into the energy of year 2022. Many of us may be experiencing vivid dreams and heightened intuition right now. This energy has us reflecting on past traumas and struggles that haveContinue reading “11.11: A Balancing Portal Shift into Recovery Mode”

Libra New Moon: Judgement & Justice or Intervention & Justice?

Now that we are in Libra season (Ma’at season btw) while also in Mercury Retrograde under Ma’at command and order she has regained her strength and will begin to show up for you. Where things were out of balance (health, love, legal matters, partnerships, etc…) there will be miraculous balance placed right in front ofContinue reading “Libra New Moon: Judgement & Justice or Intervention & Justice?”


Intuitive Quickie: Organize for Success

I don’t know who needs to read this specifically but there is a sense of urgency around some of you needing to clear space but in an organized fashion. But not so much of a getting rid of “things” kind of way.

Let me explain more.

After sending out my divined Moon in Scorpio tweet…

I was then led to immediately get up and organize. This energy didn’t guide me towards my kitchen or bedroom or even my closet. I was actually led to my sacred spaces in my home and then my office.

As I cleared my altars from a last nights rituals (March 2nd rituals in preparation of March 3rd Mars in Gemini😎), I was told to stop & write this post. Even though I am publishing it on March 5th, I was actually guided to type it up on March 3rd.

Please keep in mind that oftentimes I am given messages during astrological shifts/transits that are meant to be store away in my drafts until the energies have aligned appropriately. So that’s why this message was delayed in being published.

My guidance to you is as follows:

Some of you need to truly organize your ritual tools and divination pieces today. There is an energy urgently rushing in towards you that will require everything to be organized for success & shifts.

Last week the timeline energy was about clearing space for what the Full Moon in Virgo had in store for us. Which meant actually getting rid of things to make way for new things/energies. This week the Scorpio Moon asked us to organize because success lies ahead and it is so fast moving that you won’t have time to go back and organize later.

With the Moon trine Venus this week, I believe the influence around this “call to action” is because of love, beauty and money. We asked the Moon to fill us with something centered around these three things and it’s definitely on it’s way to us.

Prepare your life for all that will take place by organizing for success!

Know that this means starting with your sacred spaces.

Clear your altars.

Reorganize crystals.

I would even suggest placing new crystals in specific rooms in your home. If you have protected satchels on door handles revisit them today. Replace, or update, certain objects that are inside each satchel that will assist you with being organized for success even after today. Add citrine and pyrite to bring in good luck around finances because you will be making awesome financial decisions very soon and very fast.

I would also suggest organizing your herbs and candles. Placing them in new places or making space to add new items for similar use. For example, you can add thyme or mugwort to glass jars so you can see them easily. Label them if you have similar looking herbs. Add a herb journal to your collection of journals or even a candle magick journal. Keeping all of your rituals organized can come in handy whenever you need to revisit them.

Organize your tarot and oracle cards and store away those that aren’t used on the daily basis. I’m one of those neat freaks that keeps boxes to almost everything because I believe everything should have it’s own special well organized space. Putting my cards back into their original boxes makes me feel so happy, lol. If this isn’t something you would like to do that’s fine. Get creative! Purchase a nice large wooden box with a latch to place them inside of or a designated drawers or basket.

Organize your journals as well.

Walk around your house to find things that can help you do all of this. No need to go out and buy new shelves or boxes if you don’t have the means to do so. Just work with what you have.

I also suggest hanging new pictures up or creating altar boxes to help decrease the clutter that we tend to build up around the many altars we have. Also altars boxes help keep your altars private especially if you have roommates or young children that like to get into things.

All I’m saying is to organize like you just moved into the place. Turn on some music and get to work!

The songs that came to me the morning of this message were…

Tidal: Ungodly Hour by Chloe and Halle

Tidal: Find Your Way Back by Beyoncé

Tidal: Already by Beyoncé, Shasta Wale, Major Lazer

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without. Asè


Full Moon in Virgo: A Clearing is here

“A clearing that feels cool and fresh” is what I heard, saw and felt while meditating on the energy of the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th of February.

Fyi…this message was pre-typed on 25 Feb which gives a little insight of how strong & determined it was to show itself to me very early on. I usually don’t channel these detailed messages until right beforehand.

I was shown a freshwater creek flowing freely across white rocks towards a very tall tree.

The energies Spirit clarified this vision with were: Sun in Capricorn & Mars in Capricorn with a very spontaneous + enthusiastic new beginning around a clarity of purpose vibe being heavily influenced by Uranus. This is all being backed up by Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Cancer & Sun in Taurus energies.

At the forefront of these energies are Venus in Aries (confident fresh starts with love for oneself taking center stage) and Mars in Leo (strong, creative persistence). This has building your own kingdom energy all over it!

The outcome is showing up as a Moon in Aquarius energy coming in very fast which explains the fresh water creek shown to me. Check your natal placements for keys that correlate with these energies. Please keep in mind that whenever I list influential astro energies like this that doesn’t mean they have to be in your chart necessarily nor any world events charts. These energies are shown to me as indicators of timeline influences within the messages I receive and deliver to you from multiple realms & dimensions.

Uranus is playing a major role during this Full Moon in Virgo because we are being guided towards our very own 6 of wands here. This means progress, victory, confidence and achievement. For some of you, this could mean public recognition as well because I was shown a stage in regards to this. FYI…on the 26th of February the Sun sextile Uranus meaning “unfoldments” will be happening on the daily from then throughout the 4th of March and probably even further on. 👀

There is an innocence that is so freeing here for so many of you. You will feel comfortable in this energy. I’m seeing that the Moon being in Leo right before it transitions into Virgo has a lot to do with this next chapter in our lives. I feel like we are returning to what we dreamt of achieving as a child. Sometimes this can show up as not wanting the same things you thought were good for you because you don’t feel the freedom you once felt as a child. Free to think and do what makes you feel amazing is the focus. Most of us will be abandoning old thought processes as well. There is no normalization around this because you are determining what your normal looks and feels like. It feels very much like the “new me is the true me” here.

To clarify this a bit more for my Astro Diviner’s & Tarot readers/followers, if you take the Fool Card (Uranus), the 4 of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn) & the 3 of Pentacles (Mars in Capricorn) this will show you what I am seeing a bit more clearly. “You are the Architect of your own life” vibes right here for sure. The Kabbalistic letter for the Fool (speaking in estoreric here) means Aleph which means Ox! We just celebrated the Chinese New Year as the Year of the Ox.👀

Read more about that here: Intuitive Quickie: Sneak Peek into what’s in store for each modality during this Chinese New Year.

Do you see how this now comes full circle? Do you understand now how time is fluid? The effects of the Year of the Ox energy will show up for us within & after the Full Moon in Virgo. Not to mention that this is the very last Full Moon in this Astrological Year. Our next New Moon in Pisces (while we are in Pisces season btw so brace yourselves for that double whammy of Piscean energies with both the Sun + Moon 🧘🏾‍♀️)  will be on March 13th. Our very first Full Moon of the new astrological year will be on the 22nd of March and the Moon will be in Libra ⚖️ Like wtf?? Lol 😝

A full balancing of the scales to jump off the Astrological Year beginning in Aries season on the 21st of March? Sign me up!

I’m exhausted typing all of that out and feeling the emotions around it all 🥺🎉🪂🎁🧨🔥🧯🥵🤣.

What I am saying to you is that this Full Moon in Virgo will be a “Clearing” one. We are being influenced by so much water energy + inner child flow for the remainder of this Astro year leading up to the next Astro year. How do you truly feel about that? Tbh…I feel excited! I feel like we are going to be breaking into a fresh new Astro year with a fresh new start (fresh new looks for many of you😏) which means there are fresh new beginnings, fresh new ideas and fresh new desires available for us if we want them. Basically, we will have many options in this next phase.

Twitter reference: Creativity & True Self shown in image revamps!

It’s like we are being born again in a sense. Yes! Rebirths during Pisces season!! Woot! Woot! 🙌🏾💃🏽

I truly love change around free flowing energies because it keeps things new and open. I don’t see a lot of Foundations changing so don’t fret. I actually see them strengthening more than anything.

Twitter Reference: Pisces season energies to be expected!

Understand that Venus has entered Pisces as well so there will be challenges around our Emotional connections to home related things as we cross over into March. I am seeing “1111” so these are challenges that make way for Enlightenment, Attunement & Spiritual Growth as a whole. Compassion for one another is key here too. 

Twitter Reference: Venus in Pisces

Now, there is also a stagnant energy here that will be released. This refers to the creek actually “flowing” in the vision I was given in regards to this aspect. Passionate offers surround this as well but I see more of home related issues being highlighted here for many of the collective.

Understand that your DNA light codes are being activated as well. I am being shown our “DNA as rainbows” here. There will be a shift inside and out for many of us. Something that has been moving slow to heal or clear out is finally moving out of our way during this Full Moon phase. Pay attention to your dreams at this time. I feel like I always say that around the Full Moon. Honestly, it’s because you are actually becoming “full” during this specific moon phase more than any other. Meaning your mind, body and spirit are being filled with all that is meant for your highest good. In order for this to happen, constant contact with your the higher you, aka your highest self 👀, has to be at the center of everything.

At the forefront of this light code activation, here you stand with more than a game plan for action based blessings. You are renewed and prepared for crossing new horizons.

I hope with resonates with the masses because thats exactly what was shown to me as being highly affected by the Full Moon in Virgo.

As per usual, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection and Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

Asè 🤲🏾


Mercury Stations Direct Aquarius Oracle Spread…You should know how to do on your own! 20 February 2021

Guess what? We made it!

We are officially out of the very first Mercury retrograde of 2021. Now what?

Well my guidance to you today is to pull out your favorite oracle cards to receive messages from your higher self while under this newly direct energy. Grab a pencil and a journal or notebook too because we’ve got some work to do…together.

This is a very simple spread with guided questions.

Soon you will have full access to my favorite spreads but for now, this will do. 😏

The first thing you want to do is center yourself. Do this in whichever way feels comfortable to you. I prefer to sit comfortably after smoke clearing my sacred space and tools. I use Selenite crystal wands to sit on top of my cards to clear their energies as well. Call in your guides and ancestors who are here for your highest good and sit in that energy for a few minutes. Focus on your breathing and allow the thoughts to flow through your mind, body & spirit. Don’t ever block where your mind takes you! 🧐🤨

This is just like completing a short meditation…so you can keep your eyes open. Closing your eyes during meditation sometimes makes you fall asleep or creates an subconscious issue with meditating in spaces you can’t close your eyes. And if there is anything I have learned from Monk Gelong in my Mindfulness studies is that you always want to sit upright comfortably. Hands on the lower part of the thighs near the knees and keep your eyes open. Focus on something directly in front you and allow your mind to free flow.

Now, whenever you feel ready you can advise your higher self and guides that you are going to pull cards for guidance in regards to, in this case, Mercury stationing direct in Aquarius. Speak to them as long as you deem necessary and then move forward with the card pulls.

I like to shuffle until my guides advise me to stop but if you aren’t comfortable with that just follow your own inner guidance and shuffle until you feel as though the cards are ready to speak to you. When I first started working with oracle cards, I connected with them each energetically. I can feel when my decks have something to say even when they aren’t in the room with me. I will definitely teach you more about how to do this as we progress on this blog.

You are now in the much easier part. If you have shuffled, I recommend intuitively pulling from the stack for this spread. If you are experienced, you can continue to shuffle while asking the following questions. Cards will most likely jump out on their own if you are already connected to the deck you chose to use.

I will list each card with numbers so you can lay them out starting from the far left working your way to the right…just like writing a sentence. I will explain why afterwards.

Card 1: Please show me clearly the energy currently around me?

Card 2: Please show me clearly the energy of Mercury?

Card 3: Please show me clearly what obstacles lie ahead for me during this transit?

Card 4: Please show me clearly what lessons I have learned during the Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius?

Card 5: Please show me clearly any Communication guidance Mercury is bringing towards me?

Card 6: Please show me clearly what ways I can embrace this guidance?

Card 7: Please show me clearly what messages Mercury Direct in Aquarius has for me?

Card 8: Please show me clearly any additional guidance Mercury has for me?

If you have pulled cards intuitively the next step should be quite easy because you most likely pulled one card per question. If you are advanced and have jumpers lined up this might be a bit complicated but I doubt it.

So now you are going to take a few deep breaths in and out while looking back at that space you chose to focus on while meditating earlier. This is to prepare your mind to receive the messages clearly.

Take your time and review Card 1 because it will formulate the direction of the answers given in the remaining 7 cards. What I usually advise beginners & intermediate learners is to read the messages associated with each card and write down a few words that resonate with you in your journal. I keep a tarot journal and an oracle for my own personal reference and I advise you to do the same. There will be a digital journal available soon on my portfolio page…so hold this space.😎 You will need this to follow along with my celestial teachings in the future.

Okay, so now you have went through all 7 cards and read the messages attached to them. How do you feel? I hope enlightened because now it’s time to write ✍️

You are going to formulate your own sentences from all that has been revealed to you for this Mercury direct in Aquarius energy. Each of the resonated words should help formulate 1-3 sentences of guidance to you, by you. Please try not to write exactly what the cards say or what the guidebooks might say. You should create sentences of guidance to yourself from the words that resonated with you the most. Begin there and just continue to write freely. Repeat this for every card.

And boom! You now have guidance shown to you clearly and divined by you clearly for Mercury stationing direct in Aquarius. Congratulations!🎉🎊🎈🍾

Easy, right?! 🌞

There is no additional advise for me to give you on this part because this is how I am teaching you to rely on your own intuitive to discern which messages are for you and for you to connect with your higher self in new ways with creative intuitive activities.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or just drop me a note to let me know you have completed this activity.

You can do this with any transit btw. It’s a very simple intuitive exercise I believe we all should know how to complete at any time. As a celestial teacher, I believe that everyone should know and understand the basics of intuitive card pulls. So, I’m here to teach you.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without.


3 Week Astrological Year Detox in Pisces Season

It’s now right before Aries season hits & right after the calendar year renews and you are wondering how to start this astrological year off right.

If you are anything like me, you are not only focused on your spiritual alignment and growth…you are also focused on your physical health.

Last year, I transitioned from eating meat and then moved forward with doing the same for my family. I know you have heard this time and time again but to be honest, I have never felt more connected to the Earth and all of it’s creations! This isn’t a My Life As Vegan post because I am nothing of the sort. My body feels amazing and I have so much energy but I cannot sit here and say I don’t slip up a time or two.

So, what is my Astrological Year Detox? Well, it’s very simple (just like most of the tips I share). I usually wait until 3 weeks after the calendar year renews to begin this specific detox. My goal is to reset the energy flow of my mind, body and spirit. I prefer to do this during Aquarius season because she is basically the bearer of water. And water cleanses and purifies right? I know, Aquarius is an air sign but that just adds to the punch.

During Aquarius season we are more likely to want to learn more and analyze even more. We are highly focused on growth and stimulation of the mind. I use this energy as an advantage during my detox. I tend to have so many creative ideas during this time of the astrological year. I am also more motivated to try new things and change up my personal look.

With that being said, the boost of confidence needed to complete a 3 week detox is right there for you to harness appropriately for the highest good of you!

So, I first begin a couple of days before the end of Capricorn season with a plan. I document my workout schedule and increase it a bit. I don’t come up with outlandish things to implement because I want to keep it practical. I then select the day that I will begin and set alarms to remind me when to start each step.

For example, during this detox I typical workout 3 times a day but they are very simple forms. I am up at 5 am everyday ready to complete my morning walk/run with the hubster. When I return home, I kick it up a notch and complete a 20 minute Jumprope HIIT workout. I take my shower and keep it moving towards my morning herbal tea. I like to stock my shelves with a ridiculous amount of herbs but during this detox I am only interested in herbs that will give me the energy to complete my day while cleansing and purifying my body.

Oh yeah…I forgot to mention that I only drink my meals during this 3 week detox (my bad 🙆🏾‍♀️). But honestly I am not sorry for leaving that out…or not lol😝 . In fact, I planned it out because I knew you would not read this entire post if I started with btw I eat absolutely no solid food for 3 weeks straight! Am I right?

Any way. I make a delicious blueberry smoothie with oats and Nutella for the entire fam around 11:30 am every single day so that’s considered meal one for me. In between each of these so-called “meals” I drink herbal teas and of course alkaline water as per usual. Smoothie number two is my mid-day smoothie. I usually drink a leafy green based smoothie with Spurilina, Moringa & Chlorella powder while I prepare dinner for the bambinos (my children) around 3 pm each day. I like to get dinner done early because at 4:30 pm I am booked for the gym with the hubster. We usually spend around 30-45 minutes in the gym. I love the leg press machine, the row and free weights. So that’s basically what I stick to.

Just as an FYI…I was runner for most of my life (sprinter to be exact) so I usually stick to what I know works for my body and by “works” I mean those workouts that provide me with fast results! That is truly my motivation in the gym because if I am going to the gym for more than 2 weeks and don’t see any resemblance of a new body or improved body…I’m OUT! My body has a pretty good muscle memory that I have heavily relied upon for over 30 years now.

So back to the next step of this 3 week detox, lol. After our gym workouts, we head back to our house to snatch up the bambinos for about an hour walk near the beach at sunset (5:30 pm). Most times I feed them dinner before we head out but often times they prefer to eat after the walk and I don’t blame them.

We of course shower and dinner is served to the bambinos. I enjoy a cup of hot tea most likely something with lemon or I add a lemon to it. My last “meal” of the day is right before going to bed. I make a Cacao powder based smoothie with other goodies inside. The hubster and I usually get a sweet tooth around this time so it’s only right to have the smoothie packed in protein and cacao last.

And that’s basically it!

The point of this post is to motivate you to honor your body in this next phase. Do it in a way that pleases YOU! No one has to know. This is all about you and aligning your mind, body and spirit.

I hope you like these kinds of personal posts. I told you in my about me page to not box me into just my shamanic ways. I am multi-dimensional and I love to write about everything. Sharing my tips and tricks outside of alchemy…well i guess this alchemy as well but it is definitely what I like to refer to as Lifestyle Alchemy.

As above. So below. As within. So without.


Intuitive Quickie 9 February 2021

Profound changes are happening across this plane of existence.

Know that this is a “Heart Level” kind of energy. New friendships and opportunities will occur. These friendships will be deeply inspiring and rewarding.

Intention is the greatest creative power on Earth. Please keep that in mind throughout the upcoming week. What you intend, you will experience during this time of Heightened creation energy surrounding us. Know that you can bring about whatever you intend and focus on.

So form a clear picture of what you are calling forth while under this New Moon in Aquarius influence. Slow down and visualize all that you intend to manifest and experience.

All is energetically connected and all is apart of one collective consciousness. So you innately hold the power to create through thought and intentions.

My guidance to you is to get clear, and remain clear, on all changes or advancements you want to bring into your life right now. If possible, use an amethyst crystal to assist you with this. It will help you Transform and Transmute all that no longer serves you at this time.

You will be free from all inner conflict and finally be able to call forth all that you truly desire to manifest and experience in your life.

As above. So below. As within. So without.


Sun Sign Horoscope 7 February 2021

At the time of this blog post, the Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is currently in Sagittarius. Please keep that in mind while reading your message.

These messages are only for Sun Sign placements and absolutely no other. Please apply them wisely by checking your birth chart, if necessary. If they do not resonate with your current energy, that’s completely okay. Return to this space next Sunday for a new message that may be meant for you.

Lastly, there will be posts for all other planetary messages as well. I have transitioned my previous “Astro Intuitive Messages by Houses“ twitter threads into easy-to-read horoscopes per sign on the Scribe Godess blog only.

These messages are 100% intuitive with zero use of Tarot. Yeah…real life Seer vibes over her only! I send you nothing but the high vibrations of the Sun as you read.

Aries – Gratitude Rituals or showing Gratitude is what showed up for you dear Sun in Aries placements. There is obviously a lot going on here but you are going to definitely make it through whatever this is. I am hearing “hold on, everything is going to be alright” for some of you. Please understand that whenever redirection appears, it is here for a reason. Most often times this reason is in regards to preparation for what’s to come. Show gratitude for all that is being given to you now.

Taurus – I was given some lyrics from Beyoncé’s song, Flawless, for you. It’s from the remix when she says “Coming down, dripping candy on the ground.” I am just seeing an energy coming towards you that is completely uncomplicated but lyrical at the same time. I hope that makes sense and if it doesn’t now it definitely will soon. You are going to emerge from something that resembles the darkest night but instead of rising from the ash I actually see you coming down from the skies above. And when you do…you will be flawless in the sense of no more scars or burdens. People will wonder how your energy is so vibrantly flawless after all that you have been through. Spirit is saying just tell them all…(and I kid you not!) “I woke up like this!” 😝😏 Know that you were meant for this journey and you deserve all that is positively rushing towards you this week.

Gemini – A change is definitely coming in for you really soon. I feel the excitement and happiness in my chest when I channel for you, dear Gemini Suns. You will be filled with such deep emotion and gratitude for something major revealing itself to you this week. I am seeing confidence and I heard Tiffany Hadish in the background screaming, “She Ready!”😝 This is something you asked for and it will appear for you. Continue doing exactly what you have been doing to call this forth in your life. Consistency is the foundation of these blessings. Stability + Visibility are the outcomes.

Cancer – I was a shown a river surrounded by a forest. The focus was on the river being very still to the point where I could see a direct reflection of the sun above it. You are moving into calmer waters. I also feel like you will be second guessing how calm this next phase will be for you. I feel like you have grown use to everything being loud and chaotic. Know that you are protected and calmness is here for you. I see some of you specifically asked for Calmness during a moon phase in December 2020. The river is feeding your stable foundations amazingly. There is a constant flow here that doesn’t seem to be leaving you any time soon.

Leo – You recently experienced a bump in the road and I feel like you are giving up on part of your dream before it can even manifest fully for you. Please understand that this manifestation you asked for requires certain elements to be set in a certain direction. I am seeing North in my minds eye but there are 5 arrows headed North and the sixth veered off somewhere towards the East. It’s like a highway map. You may be relocating but I think some of you are manifesting with directional magic because this feels like you will know exactly what I am trying to describe. It seems very familiar to you. Understand that this feeling of giving up will disappear soon so stay strong. You have to continue standing your ground with this so it can come forth just as you called for it to.

Virgo – “You were right” in something recently. I feel like you held back on going down a road/path with someone to save face. Please understand that you made the correct decision. You are growing and your patience with others is growing as well. I feel like you are understanding yourself more which has also led you to better understand others and their ways. You understand that not every action deserves a reaction from you, dear Virgo Suns. I also feel like some of you are also loosening up on having to have things perfect all of the time. You have given into the ebb and flow of things because of this. Your frequency will continue to increase under this new light of yours.

Libra – There is a deep portal here. I am seeing loops in the sky deepen as I fly through them and they are crossing more loops as they become smaller. Kind of like a funnel of some sort that gets smaller at the bottom. I am seeing that you will have many options come before you but discernment is going to have to be your best friend during this sky dive into a whole new world. The loops I saw are actually showing up as something happening on the angelic realm that is assisting you funnel out the negative. The only thing left will be all that is directly aligned with your designated path. For example, when you pour liquid into a funnel it takes the shape of the funnel from top to bottom. As it gets closer to the bottom (to it’s appropriate destination) it has become smaller so it can fit through the whole to enter whatever you are attempting to cypher it into. What I am saying is that you are being shaped and molded at this time. When you come out on the other end of this funnel you will be anew. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. For some of you, I sense a calmness here even though you might be feeling like you are literally sky diving into a whole new world. For others, I am seeing this actually having something to do with your physical form. You are hiding away while you get into shape.

Scorpio – There has been a lot of water energy around every sign so far. For you, I am seeing water but in a baptismal kind of way. I’m not sure if some of you recently were baptized or you may just feel like whatever energy you are currently in is symbolic of being baptized. I see a clock here as well symbolizing whatever this baptismal energy around you is actually in divine timing. You are exactly where you are suppose to be at this time. I think you know that already though. The only requirement here is for you to just TRUST.

Sagittarius – Someone has a staff here. Possibly a cane or a walking stick. I was shown someone gripping a stick but I also felt an energy of “having a grip” or a tight hold on to something. Some of you are really holding on to tangibles really tight. You keep loosening your grip but then tightening it back. Symbolic of someone showing where they stand with resources and tangibles. The energy is very tense 😬 Please understand that tangible things, such as money, are tools given to us to share. It’s a cyclical thing. If you are holding on too tightly without giving back you are harnessing low vibrational energy that is no longer aligned with monetary gain. You will not win that fight. I don’t see anyone attempting to take something from you so this is all about you holding on too tightly to Earthly things. This could be sacred knowledge as well, hence the staff imagery I was given. Share what you know with others especially if they are willing to learn.

Capricorn – “Diamond in the rough” kind of energy is here for you, dear Capricorn Suns. You are going to be shining really soon. Know that this kind of shine is due to your hard work and dedication. Of course, that has you written all over it, right?! The difference here is that you have learned your lesson from the past. Your goal of being more present with the people you love rather than focusing so much on work has been achieved. Or you will be getting there pretty fast because I am seeing you truly wanting this for yourself and others you care about. Some of you had an honest conversation with a partner and they shared how you make them feel when you aren’t present in the moment. You decided right then that you never wantnto see that person hurt like that again. You are definitely growing!

Aquarius – Someone was literally “blowing smoke 💨” meaning they were just all talk and you knew it all along. For some reason, I feel like even though you knew this person wasn’t truthful you kept that knowledge to yourself. I honestly believe you knew that all would be revealed soon enough so you took a step back to watch it all play out. I am very proud of you, dear Aquarius Suns! You are trusting your intuition like nobody’s business out here in these streets. Please understand that this was the tip of the iceberg for you. You will need to continue to trust your intuition throughout this next week as more will be revealed to you but this time I am hearing “in real time.” So, you definitely won’t have to watch this play out…it will all come to the forefront for all to see at the exact same time that you piece it all together.👀

Pisces – A blooming tree in the middle of the city is what was shown to me. I feel like you are growing something on stable grounds in the midst of diversity or you are being given some kind of diverse role pretty soon. If you recently applied to a job or launched a business that has to do with diversity you will be very successful. I am seeing city lights in the background of this well lit and centered tree which is obviously you! You will be at the center of something quite significant. Be prepared for the spotlight to be on you in reference to this.


For legal purposes, all messages are general messages. Viewers are solely responsible for how they interpret all reading and ScribeGodess.blog takes no responsibility for individual viewers interpretation or action. The viewer is responsible for their own life actions. For entertainment & inspirational purposes only. Not to be used in place of professional advice whether legal, medical, business or financial. Please seek a legal professional for these areas.


12 Keys to Astrology we all should know

No monologue or channeled message attached to this post…sorry.

I was guided to share this file publicly. I also feel as though we need to focus on what is meant for ALL of us to learn in this moment. The world is shifting. Be Mindful.

Additional material is below.

Oh…and press play! 😏

As with any of my learning materials posted on this blog, the downloadable version is here ⬇️


Book of Magick: Year 2.0.8

Year 2.0.8

Riding in with her army of five hundred Shebas on the backs of giant lions that synced with their every move in a sensual but dangerous way, Commander Kiya lifted her staff to halt the march directly in front of the Queen Mother’s throne. Kiya then lowered her staff and the Army of Shebas gracefully slid from the backs of their companions onto the royal grounds. One row after another they bent their knees falling so lightly to bow in Godis’ pose in honor of the Queen Mother’s presence.

They had just returned from the battle of Gods on the Northern Stars. As the last row fell, Kiya did the same and all five hundred companions lowered their massive bodies in solidarity. Queen Mother stood from her Obsidian throne to glance over her great warrior Shebas just as she did each time they returned. They were all her daughters and just as any mother would, she counted every child to ensure they had all returned home to her. Once she was done, she removed her cloak and walked over to her Commander. With every step the ground lit up with rings of beaming green lights. Her Labradorite crown glistened as she grew closer. She stopped in front of Tatu, Kiya’s companion. Ran her soothing fingers over the top of his mane and down to his clenched mouth. She lifted his chin and backed away. Tatu opened his eyes to verify the Queen Mother’s request of him. She nodded with reassurance. Tatu then unclenched his mouth to reveal the head of the God of the Northern Stars.

The revelation of this bounty caused the Queen Mother’s throne to activate. Queen Mother of the Scarlet Temple of Lemuria was intrinsically connected to All magic. Her greatest power was her intuition that could send vibrational shifts across the worlds within worlds but her protection, focus and calm oneness with the land was her most admirable gift. Her world is built of Black Tourmaline Crystal for divine protection, detoxification and grounding. Her gardens are filled for miles with healing herbs. Her lakes and oceans are filled with the moon’s waters. Her own daughters were born with wings of the Scarlet Temple Lemurian Seed Empathic Warrior crystals. She created each Sheba with the magic cycles of the Moon. They were the most powerful under the moonlight which served as an advantage for the Queen who only sent her Shebas to war in honor of the visions revealed to her during each Moon phase.

The Shebas never interfered with doings outside of magic. They were only granted permission to leave the Scarlet Temple to complete their divinely guided missions. They were summoned into the battle of Gods on the Northern Stars by Queen Mother after a vision she received during her New Moon rituals. She saw that the God of the Northern Stars had been killed by the Ancient Saluwatus while on the lower realms. The God was then reincarnated and sent back to the people of the Northern Stars. The soul of the God’s body was not of his own. His body had been inhabited by the King of the Ancient Saluwatus in the lower realms in order to allow him passage into the higher realms. The King had one mission before the Queen Mother banished him to the lower realms and he returned to complete it.

Queen Mother waved her right hand to disarm her throne and nodded for Tatu to release King Saluwatus head from his mouth. He obeyed. The temple fell still as the Queen gazed into King Saluwatus lifeless eyes. A tear fell from her left eye in remembrance of what once was. She never wanted this for the King but it had to be done correctly this time. She couldn’t risk him returning to destroy any of her realms again. 

“Take this bounty to the Oceans of Kings,” she ordered. Commander Kiya stood before the Queen. She could always feel her pain. Their connection was different from the other Shebas. She knew exactly why Queen Mother shed that tear but vowed to never tell any of her sisters nor the Queen herself. Kiya climbed atop Tatu and led the army to the Oceans of Kings. Queen Mother watched as they walked away. Never moving a single muscle. She was frozen there until the army was out of her sight.

Thanks for making it this far into my Book of Magick. Until the next world within worlds is revealed find me where the stars align….across all timelines.

© 2021 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved

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Jupiter Horoscope for 4 February 2021

At the time of this blog post, Jupiter is 10 degrees Aquarius. There are also four other planets currently in Aquarius right now…so yeah…there’s a heavy influence here. Please keep that in mind while reading your message. These messages are only for Jupiter planetary placements and absolutely no other. Please apply them wisely by checking your birth chart to verify placements. If they do not resonate with your current energy, that’s completely okay. Return to this space next Wednesday for a new message that may be meant for you. Lastly, there will be posts for all other planetary messages as well. I have transitioned my previous “Astro Intuitive Messages by Houses“ twitter threads into easy-to-read horoscopes per sign on the Scribe Godess blog only.

These messages are 100% intuitive with zero use of Tarot. Yeah…real life Seer vibes over here only!

I send you nothing but the high vibrations of Jupiter as you read.

Aries – There is an energy of your manifestations being turned upside down or you are currently feeling this way. Understand that this energy is surrounding you because you have forgotten to be open to receiving. There is a ”need to be welcomed” message here for you. Acknowledge that your manifestations can now take root in your life.

Taurus – There is a locator energy here for you Jupiter in Taurus placements. I am seeing you searching for, then locating your bounty but there is a feeling of being lost here too. I feel like the thrill of going after something you deeply desire may be gone. It’s time for you to get back on track and locate what truly makes you happy but this time share some of that bounty with the world. It gets lonely at the top.

Gemini – “Pause! Wait a minute” is what I am hearing for you. There seems to be a vibe of you pumping the breaks on some action recently. This is due to something possibly not sitting right with you. Know that this pause you took was necessary. You have the right to understand everything you are a part of on all levels. I am seeing you will soon come to find out that this wait of yours actually saved you from being tied to something hidden. Thank your guides and angels when you get a chance!

Cancer – I see a lot going on around you right now. There are layers to this and each are showing up with multiple colors so this is multi-dimensional for sure. There is an energy of you being able to bring together your many talents to build something “VERY” stable. Jupiter has your back. Make a solid plan of action and get to work.

Leo – Okay, so this is going to sound a bit foreign if you aren’t familiar with the rapper Trina because her song with Trick Daddy, Nann, came to me first thing when I tapped into your energies 😝. If you don’t understand the underlying message around Trina’s verses let me translate for you. Basically, my guides are telling me that you are like no other! Your energy right now has a major “Cannot be duplicated” kind of vibe wrapped around it. Oh and it’s confident as hell too! I am proud of you.

Virgo – You are missing some piece of the puzzle right now. I feel as though something isn’t sitting right side up for you. You need to trust your intuition around this situation. If at anytime you allow any person, place or thing to hold so much control over you without saying how you truly feel, those emotions are going to result in some crazy fiery actions. There is definitely a need for balance and self control here. For some of you, this is an addiction of some sort on your part and you are being told to LET IT GO NOW!

Libra – “In the thick of things” is what I heard for you. There is definitely an energy of trying to find your way out/away. Know that this fight is almost done and you will prevail. There are signs everywhere for you. I am also seeing that you need to connect to nature or animals at this time. There is some kind of youthful message there for you. Possibly inspiration.

Scorpio – A shadow energy is tugging away at your plans for the future financially right now. There is a need to dig deeper into your innermost love for self to find a way forward. I’m seeing focus on what you truly desire in this very moment to find what you truly need to do to secure your future.

Sagittarius – There is a forest of trees here covered in snow. There is something you planted a seed for a while back on not so fertile grounds but you had faith in the return of your investment. When the snow melts from the ground (meaning when the seasons change) you will receive a harvest.

Capricorn – Your message has an emphasis on “what’s below is also on top” energy. Meaning there is something on the surface level that has remnants of what’s below surface level. I hope that makes sense because that’s all they are giving me. I believe this reference is for a specific individual who needs to see this right now.

Aquarius – Rainbow skies and sunny days. That’s what I see floating around you right now. There is a very lucky energy here which explains the scenic views given to me. Something quite beautiful is unfolding for you. It won’t be hidden at all. It will play out in plain sight.

Pisces – Your Jupiter magick is bringing forth a very specific gift you asked for soon. I am not seeing what it may be but there is a “spot on” energy here so it’s definitely something you deeply desire and need at this point in time. Divine timing is here for you.

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved


The Foundations to Forever 3 February 2021

☀️ Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius + Pisces

The Sun is fully backing an heavy energy of Mars in Taurus right now.

I am seeing fierce determination balancing out perfectly with patience and endurance surrounding the collective.

Please understand that whenever the Sun is involved, there should be no doubts about your direction because he shines quite bright for all to see from many directions at once. You are able to clearly see your destined path forward.

In this case, the Sun is also shining over your past. Signaling that your past has been healed so you can now carry on.

There is a Jupiter in Libra and a Jupiter in Leo energy pairing up to bring something fiery and airy towards some of you. I am seeing that this may be tied to Emotional Stability & Emotional Intelligence 👀👀.

The past emotional struggles are being mended. For some of you, this has already happened. I am seeing a inner celebration with a conqueror energy attached to it. So, congratulations are in order!

In the midst of all of this, you have gained clarity and foresight like no other! This is a major shift for most of you because I am seeing that some of the changes made were seeded in your family line. Meaning there is a long family history of something/someone you recently broke ties with. 

The Sun shows up again but this time it’s in an Aries energy. Previously, I saw a Sun in Gemini energy guiding the way. 

Understand that your path is clear. Know that what you choose to do with it, after 20 February 2021, will lay the “foundations to forever”.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved


Mars Placement Horoscope for 2 February 2021

At the time of this blog post, the Mars is in deliberate action-oriented and grounded Taurus. Please keep that in mind while reading your message. These messages are only for Mars planetary placements and absolutely no other. Please apply them wisely to your natal/birth chart. If they do not resonate with your current energy, that’s completely okay. Return to this space next Tuesday for a new message that may be meant for you. Lastly, there will be posts for all other planetary messages as well. I have transitioned my previous “Astro Intuitive Messages by Houses“ twitter threads into easy-to-read horoscopes per sign on the Scribe Godess blog only.

These messages are 100% intuitive with zero use of Tarot. Yeah…real life Seer vibes over here only!

I send you nothing but the high vibrations of the Mars as you read.

Mars in Aries – I feel as though you have grown to become very trusting in all aspects of your Intuition as of late. I am seeing someone in a dark tinted vehicle…the vehicle is driving but the person in the driver seat is laying back actually asleep, lol. When I saw this I actually said, “no way” to my guides because I thought they were messing with me. You are being guided through the unknown right now. Some of you might be going through the dark night of the soul hence the very blacked out windows. I just feel an increased sense of confidence around and about you. You understand that this journey is necessary and you are fully embracing it hence the driving with no hands!

Mars in Taurus – “Giant!” You are tackling big things right now but even though you may be small in stature you are being seen as a Giant by your colleagues, peers or family members. You are coming towards something at a very fast pace and people are wondering how you are capable of doing all of this while maintaining balance in your life. You might have hidden fears about your next moves but you are clearly not allowing those fears to be shown. Just be careful and make sure you take some time to fully acknowledge any fear based beliefs you might have. It’s okay to do this in private but clearly you are very much protected from chaos because obstacles are moving out of your way. Even though you might not See👀 it happening.

Mars in Gemini – There is an ancestor attempting to contact you in your dreams. Please pay attention to whomever you cross paths with while in dreamscape. I know this might seem hard to do but you can set intentions before bed each night via meditation to ensure you remember what is being shown to you when you awake. I am seeing a crystalline golden body like structure in ruins which is definitely symbolic of someone from another lifetime here. This doesn’t mean that this person was buried in ancient burial grounds but it could be. For me, this just says that someone from an ancestral realm is wanting to reveal something to you and you need to do whatever you can to make sure you receive their message clearly.

Mars in Cancer – I heard, “there is an opening above” for you Mars in Cancer placements. This is in regards to some sort of security (or lack thereof) around resolving disputes of some sort within the home. These issues are around stability and something to do with being stuck in the past. The opening shown to me had tree branches shining through. You know how you are taking a long drive through the country, or somewhere with very tall trees, with your sunroof open and the tree branches create different shapes and forms above your head? That’s what I am seeing. I am also being shown the number 7 here laid out on the ground with rocks. Kind of like an S.O.S. message to me asking for help in a secret kind of way or maybe it’s a message you left for someone else to find. I hope this resonates because there is a lot going on here and I can only relay what is being highlighted to me the most. If this is your placement message please reach out to a trusted healer to help you with this ASAP!

Mars in Leo – You feel blocked in some way. I can’t see past a dark wall that has small remnants of lights sparkling through for you. There is also an energy of you blocking others out right now. Be careful with this especially if you are intentionally blocking others out to hurt them in return for something they did to you. Ah! I see now. Some of you are going through a transformation and you are intentionally blocking others out, lol. There is a lot of air energy around this so you must be blocking people from communicating with you in all ways. Understand that inner harmony is the outcome of this transformation for some of you. For others, you are seeking freedom and you will receive it…just be careful with how you demand it.

Mars in Virgo – Are you working with a Gemini or interested in one? I am seeing some issues here with resistance within a connection. You are on the defense or maybe you are a Gemini sun or rising experiencing conflict within. Either way there is resolution to this issue but it requires some kind of partnership energy to be recognized on your end. I just feel a lot of self-imposed obstacles here. The word “obstacles” is definitely being highlighted and I don’t see any other persons involved with in this part. It’s ALL just you. Please understand that this is shadow energy restricting some sort of movement in your life. You are actually the one allowing these limitations to build up and it’s time to take full responsibility for yourself. The partnership within is centered around balancing your desires with your needs at this time.

Mars in Libra – There is a lot of action around you. You seem very busy and wanting to take a much needed break. I actually see you hiding from your colleagues/friends for a while for some kind of peace and quiet. Listen…you don’t have to hide because I am seeing you are already sending off the right signals to everyone around you. I also see you have a clear vision of what you aspire to be and what inspires you to fulfill those aspirations will bring some kind of communication about your future to the forefront. Some of you might be changing directions in some kind of project as well due to the fact that you want to stay true to who you aspire to be in this lifetime.

Mars in Scorpio – I was shown a beaming light for you dear Mars in Scorpio placements. Please note that although you are not listed at the top of this post, I did start my meditation with your sign due to the heavy energy I felt for you early on during the day. But any who…this beam of light connected the Earth to some other astral realms in my vision. There were also warriors standing around it looking up as if they were waiting for you to join them through that portal of beaming light so you could go to battle with them. They can’t do this without you is the vibe I got from this. As I mentioned on Twitter today, I feel a strong magically attuned energy around Scorpionic placements. And your Mars in Scorpio energy confirms such. You are connecting to the Earthly realms and spiritual realms in some magical way but I don’t think you are aware of this yet. Soon you will find this out in your own individual ways. There is inner transformation around this as well.

Mars in Sagittarius – ”Climbing a brick wall to the unknown” is what I heard. I can see someone wearing a tool belt with all of the necessary tools needed to make it up this hypothetical ”brick wall”. You are prepared for what is at the top and I see you coming up with innovative ways to get there. Your energy is very high around this and I don’t see anything or anyone being able to halt your path. Know that your resilience is beyond measure at this time. Understand that your accomplishments will be noticed.

Mars in Capricorn – You are destined to be liberated soon. There is a fresh new energy presenting itself to you on a platter. Trust that this new beginning will be growth-oriented. There are futuristic vibes around this. There isn’t much else to say to you Mars in Capricorn placements except for stay grounded because what you seek is definitely coming to you. There is wealth around this fresh new energy but I believe you already know this so stop doubting yourself and your abilities.

Mars in Aquarius – You are above the clouds right now. I see an aerial view of some land covered in trees. So, something you are changing directional views to see will be found…with ease. There is an immense amount of logic around this. But for some reason although what you seek will be found with ease there is a bit of nostalgia here as well reminding you of the hard work you have done in the past. This energy is great and all but try not to stay back there for too long. Your journey is ahead of you, not behind you.

Mars in Pisces – Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork! You are going to be led towards a group of individuals that will be more than willing to put forth the necessary efforts towards goals just as you requested. There will be so many new ideas between all of you because I am seeing fertile ground. There is definitely group effort vibes here and a ”taking a seat at the table” energy around it. I’m just going to go ahead and say it…some of you might be snatching up a major role in a startup or some kind of new project that requires your guidance and fresh new perspective. You will succeed in this role because it feels like you’re finally at home. If that makes any sense, lol.


Sun Sign Horoscopes for 31 January 2021

At the time of this blog post, the Sun is in Aquarius and we are 1 full day into Mercury Retrograde. Please keep that in mind while reading your message. These messages are only for Sun Sign placements and absolutely no other. Please apply them wisely. If they do not resonate with your current energy, that’s completely okay. Return to this space next Sunday for a new message that may be meant for you. Lastly, there will be posts for all other planetary messages as well. I have transitioned my previous “Astro Intuitive Messages by Houses“ twitter threads into easy-to-read horoscopes per sign on the Scribe Godess blog only.

These messages are 100% intuitive with zero use of Tarot. I send you nothing but the high vibrations of the Sun as you read.

Aries – There are messages of blessings wrapped in inspiration available for you. I heard the words “Be Still”. That usually hints at the fact that your fast energetic nature may be causing problems to arise that weren’t even meant for you. You made them your issues by moving too quickly. Be still this week.

Taurus – I heard the word “Rest”. There is a powerful energy settling into your physical plane around your work. This might have involved a Journey of some sort. Some of you will be just now embarking on a very hectic and tedious journey as well. You are being asked to gather your strength as it will be needed very soon.

Gemini – There is a path ahead that is going to appear soon. I just see a straight line forward in regards to this…meaning the path is very visible. You won’t have any problems seeing it all. I am being shown a standing still or stasis kind of vibe that was around you which you obviously despise of. Know that this path ahead may feel so straight forward to you in the beginning but if you follow it there will be many adventures along the way that will satisfy your multi-dimensional nature.

Cancer – I am being shown the word “Intense” but not in a very harsh way. There’s an intense vibe of mystery and wonder around you right now. I see someone soaking in the tub with their index finger rubbing the bottom of their chin while in a deep sensual trance. It seems as though you are basking away in whatever feels good to you right now. Something has caught your attention and you are truly indulging in it. Know that this is really good for you. I feel butterflies in my stomach around this. 

Leo – I was shown a stone wall of some sort with a very distinct engraved symbol on it for you Leo. It felt as though I was taken to an ancient ruin and the stone was actually a key to unlocking the entrance to somewhere. I feel as though you are being guided heavily right now by someone on the ancestral realm. There is a mission that requires the warrior spirit in you. It is “a destiny to fulfill” kind of mission. Pay attention to your insights and visions at this time as you are being shown, and/or being given, the ways of the ancients. There is something quite significant you must do on this realm that has to do with either your past life or your ancestral heritage.

Virgo – I heard “Smooth Ride” for you Virgo suns. There is a clearing kind of vibe here so if you haven’t cleared your sacred spaces please do. Clear with the intention to make way for Wealth & Prosperity to just show up at your front door, lol. This is actually how it’s going to happen for you. I am seeing no struggle just absolute perfection. Like perfect timing kind of energy. Be flexible at this time dear Virgos. I am feeling so much smoothness around this for you and I don’t have any other way to explain it but please be flexible.

Libra – The word “Respect” was shouted at me. There is a need for you to respect yourself right now but the heavy energy I am seeing is focused around you gaining respect from your works. You are all about fairness but for some reason you have been dealt the short end of the stick in many ways lately. I feel so much like giving you a hug (virtually) right now. I feel an immense amount of built up emotions around this for you. Have you been crying alone? I feel like you have been hiding these emotions from others around you. Trust that you will be honored. This battle was about strength and integrity and you absolutely Won!

Scorpio – Wow! You are very intuitive right now so I am sure you feel and look prosperous right now too. I am saying this simply because you understand matching energetic frequency flow with what you desire to attract. The one thing I admire about your sign is that you have the innate ability to balance shadow and light energies in a way no other sun sign can. Know that what you desire is coming for you. Be ready though!

Sagittarius – “Look at another map” is what I am hearing. I don’t know if you are physically traveling or just in search of answers but you are needing to go in another direction to get where you are going. I hope that makes sense. There is leadership energies around you so where you choose to go next many will follow.

Capricorn – I am being shown a waterfall that actually doesn’t contain water that moves. The water is an illusion of some sort. At one end of it I was shown someone standing on both sides of this waterfall meaning there is a passageway being unveiled for you. Please note that this person shown to me was not getting wet all! They were calmly standing there with their eyes closed. “Step inside and see” is the guidance here. I am being told to remind you to have no fear because you are divinely protected from whatever you fear is on the other side of that illusion.

Aquarius – There are two X’s here symbolic of what we all hate to here…crossroads. Understand that either direction will take you towards the new beginning you desire. I am hearing “there is no left turn”. I believe that is code for you are going the “right” way no matter which way you choose. Your intentions are very pure and you are learning so much right now. Your senses may have increased as well hence the reason why you are being able to cross either path without worry or fear. I am seeing Protection over your home at this time as well. Go forth and be fruitful!

Pisces – The Sun shines so bright over you right now. Your energetic field should be glowing like crazy because the sun showed up for you during my meditation. There is absolutely no shadow energies around you even though you might think so. The sun has your back and front so don’t worry about a thing. There is wholeness and success ahead for you. Prep your sacred space in such a way that will reflect this exact same brightness onto the world. I am also hearing “you deserve to be seen” around this. If you are worried about being invisible know that when the time is right you will be seen, felt and heard by many across all planes of existence…just like the Sun.

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved


Focus of the Day (18 Jan 2021)


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There is an energy focused around Uranus and Mars being in Taurus right now. My tweeted messages around this can be found here.

Please keep in mind energy is fluid just like time. Although these messages might be time stamped (for recording & tracking purposes) does not mean this energy will cease to exist after it’s assigned date.

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved

Libra New Moon: Judgement & Justice or Intervention & Justice?

Now that we are in Libra season (Ma’at season btw) while also in Mercury Retrograde under Ma’at command and order she has regained her strength and will begin to show up for you. Where things were out of balance (health, love, legal matters, partnerships, etc…) there will be miraculous balance placed right in front of us.

Last year, around this same season, I noted on twitter that the Goddess Ma’at had entered our space and time. I mentioned that in divine time should would began to reappear for many of us in many of ways.

I was shown the Judgement tarot card in regards to this shift in power.

If you are familiar with the workings of our Angels, specifically Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, please know that they are also here assisting those that have called upon them within the last eight months.

There were seeds planted by many of us during this specific time period that were 1000% aligned with the Heart Chakra and now we are being given the opportunity to reap those rewards in many ways that will just appear out of nowhere. Angelic presence is here working miracles. All you need to do is believe! It’s that simple.

For some of us, these miracles are already happening but we just can’t see them yet. This is where the New Moon’s energy creeps in on us!

Overjoyed energy is here. Unconditionally love is here.

Energy centered around the highest good for all kind is here.

Whenever Ma’at appears in such ways she is prepared to do what is needed to restore balance. Please note that if you are guilty of disturbing the balance on this earthly plane you may receive the energy of Divine Intervention aka a Tower moment. This energy shows up whenever the Divine (God/Goddess) has to set the record straight for you because you chose not to.

Oftentimes this isn’t low vibrational but in regards to this Libra New Moon…it definitely is and will be!

All I’m saying is that if you have been guilty of doing low vibrational mess to others and yourself, this might not be the most fruitful and abundant time for you. It’s time for many of us to realize that the season of imbalance is completely over!

Mercury is also inconjunct Neptune today. I am seeing the energy of secrets being revealed accidentally since we are in a Libra Mercury Retrograde. Truth being revealed in unconventional ways is here as well.

My advice to you tonight is to prepare a New Moon ritual requesting for, “restoration of balance in your life across all planes of existence.” Set your moon cycle intentions afterwards. A guided meditation may also help you align with the current energies too.

Karmic renewals and restorations are being rewarded to the many of us who recently completed a Karmic cycle. There is a “straightening” happening and I feel like this air energy will make it all happen very quickly. Many of you thought you were being blocked from receiving blessings over the last eight months, but it was just Spirit guiding you to rebuild with a very stable foundation. I see this has a lot to do with belief systems and old emotions having to be cleared before you could progress further. Please know that your desires are heard and that you are deeply loved.

Situations may change quickly. Decisions may be made quickly. Resolutions may be settled quickly.

Light a candle for the Angels that guide and protect you daily. Light a candle for Ma’at as she is waiting to hear from you.

Invite joy, laughter, earth magic, balance and love into your heart and into your home.

Things are changing swiftly so be prepared as much as you can be.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Guidance, and Divine Protection. Asè

Mercury Retrograde: Rest! Everything is working out for you.

My previous blog post announced my comeback to this expansive world of intuitive astrology but Mercury had other plans for me.

So…let’s consider this post as a follow up to the last but with a hint of guidance.

Many of you felt the most recent shift happening on this earthly plane of existence within the last week or so. Personally, I have been pulled towards focusing on my own Faith, Hope and leaning into the understanding that I Am here to do something amazing. I’m sure many of you have received very similar guidance from your own personal guides and Angels.

Going for our own dreams and claiming our own space in this world is very much highlighted during this MR. I feel as though we are being made aware of the small shadow things we have pushed to the back of our subconscious minds. We are needing to bring those thoughts, beliefs and emotions forward so that we can deal with it now during this “rest and heal” time that dear ole Mercury is giving us. This is a time where we are all paying close attention to our own actions and communication with others.


Whatever you were working on creating prior to the 23rd of September will begin to bare rewards. Many of these creative projects (or creative intentions) were planted sometime around this exact same time last year. Trust that taking your time during MR to wrap up lose ends slowly and carefully is a true blessing from the star heavens. We are all being given the space and time to allow Divine Timing to settle. Many of us have already recreated ourselves through a transformative time of death and rebirth prior to this MR so that we could re-emerge much easier than others who did not put in the spiritual work on themselves.

Honestly, this slower vibe is a pause before the massive spiritual awareness in many of us arises between the 18th of October and the 18th of November. Planets are going to realign during this period in a way that will allow for even more aligned, divine action that comes with a major sense of Peace, Clarity and Justice (Libra season 👀) that wasn’t here before.

Now is the time where you are being asked to utilize those spiritual gifts you were given over the last year to solidify your relationship to the Divine so that all you have worked so diligently for will come to fruition with a positive outcome grounded in ebb and flow.

Create space for the impossible to become possible. Keep your calendars clear and continue to work with all of the elements to stay balanced. This is definitely your aligned time to prepare for something amazing to unfold.

Know that you are aligned and keep your thoughts high vibrational because Mercury is working with whatever you put out into the world. If any of those things are low vibrational please know that Mercury will reciprocate negatively in your life.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Guidance and Divine Protection across all timelines and all planes of existence.

And so it is. Asè 🌾

Affirmation Screensavers for this Next Phase 🌻

There is a free flowing energy surrounding you today.

All you need to do is utilize the tools that have been given to you since birth to direct this energy towards materializing into real blessings via physical & emotional forms.

It is very, very important for our minds to stay aligned with the power we hold within.

So, I decided to share my personal screensavers with you to do my part in ensuring you receive all that you deserve.

Download or screenshot the screensavers below. Personally, I always choose 2 and make one my Home Screen and the other my Lock Screen.

The wording on each are formatted to empower your mind into creation.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection and Divine Guidance. 💫

New Moon, New Year…A Whole New World

Welcome to the beginning of the new!

You made it! And you should be more than grateful for all of the lessons you’ve learned along the way.

Today, marks the start of a new way of thinking about your life.

Today, marks the start of a new way of doing that which is aligned with your true life purpose.

Today, marks the start of a new way forward wrapped in the highest vibrations of love for self, for others and for all that is destined to enter your space.

This time of the year is usually marked by Spring Break or Easter but I think that will change in the years to come.

Those holidays will mark the end in preparation of a new beginning.

We will all attune to the energy of the Moon and all of her magick. We will all co-create with her. Celebrate her and balance our emotions supported by her.

My guidance to you on this rebirthing journey of yours (and mine) is grounded in the depths of our soul.

We have all emerged from a cocoon state where we were being fed the nutrients needed to move forward into something brand new but very old at the same time.

We rediscovered who we truly are and now we are embarking upon a brand new journey with brand new eyes.

Tomorrow you will awaken either feeling lost and confused about where you are right now in life or how did you even get here. Or you may feel heavy emotions around leaving all that identified you as the old you behind. You may possibly feel a heavy burden that has been tied around your waist for far too long being cut and now you are able to fly free from the nest of the past.

Whatever you may or may not feel, please know that it is all normal.

You have been given a second chance at life and it’s up to you to choose if you want to run with it or allow it to run you back to where you previously were.

Our lights are shinning bright today! Whether you feel it or not.

You have been born again and what you will encounter next will test your strength, your courage and your fortitude.

You may want to give up and relapse but you won’t be able to because what you once knew is now gone.

So, what’s next?

That’s for you to decided for yourself.

After all, you get to do everything that fills your heart with joy, compassion, love and abundance of all things all over again. How fire is that?!!

Now look yourself in the mirror and tell her/him how you will do it?

Everything you say out loud will be supported fully by the Universe, God, Spirit, your Higher Self, and most importantly your Ancestors.

I love you all across all timelines!

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection and Divine Guidance.

And so it is. Asè 🤲🏾

Go forth and LIVE LIFE!! 🥳

5 things to do during the New Moon in Aries

There is an energy of abundance surrounding many of you.

This energy is rooted in your truth, life purpose and taking action towards what you truly want.

Aligning with your life purpose ensures you will always have what you need to complete your mission.

There is a very positive and grateful energy here so harness that as much as you can.

This may not resonate with all of you but please know that if you have recently discovered your life purpose…great things are headed your way.

If you have been walking in your life purpose for a while now and have been waiting patiently for guidance and confirmation of a gift from the universe…this message is definitely for you too.

Something major is coming in for all of you who have taken the time to assist others with their own growth as well. I see a lot of diviners, light workers and healers of some sort being rewarded very soon.

New Moon in Aries is asking us to relax, surrender, believe and stay clear on what you desire to materialize into reality.

If you are seeking assistance with your Life Purpose please don’t hesitate to book an Auracle reading with me. 🧜🏾‍♀️

You can find the 5 divined actions to take during the New Moon in Aries.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance. 🌙

Intuitive Quickie: This is “Ancestral not Generational” (7 April)

There is an energy around the collective that has a “waiting” vibe around it. This energy heightened on/around the 7th of April which is when I began to type this post.

This is an energy is rooted in communication around something we either released or need to release our hold onto as it no longer belongs to us. Honestly, it never truly did anyways. Allow me to explain more.

Above all, I am seeing an energy shift around our thoughts and actions in the very near future.

Our actions have already shifted towards community during the last phase but we are now being requested to think bigger!

We have successfully been “regenerated” in a sense and are creating plans forward, both subconsciously and consciously.

This energy is centered in being present while opening our hearts and minds to do more for others across timelines.

I keep hearing, “this is Ancestral not Generational.”

The timeframe I am receiving is mid-June for many of you in regards to the plans you are currently making or will soon be making.

We have all been on this universally connected energetic flow that has somehow connected us all on a heart level in order to push us all towards this “Ancestral not Generational” thought and action-oriented process.

There is a do-over energy here for us right now that will lead us to success on so many different levels. The reason for this universal flow of energies aligning us all on somewhat of a very similar path is because we need to align with rewards that will only materialize for the highest good of all.

Know that what you materialize into reality will be dependent upon your intentions being rooted in the highest good for all.

The reason why I am seeing this as more of “Ancestral” than of Generational is because there is going to be a major shift in identity coming in for specific groups of people.

You will discover that your culture was never lost…it was taken. You will discover that the identity you have been so compelled to locate has been right there with you all along…just covered up to make you forget it was even there.

I hope this makes sense because I can only share what is being given to me from the Ancestral realm.

We have already experienced the first layer of this shift which was of the mind. We are now experiencing the second shift, which is of sight!

“Being able to see what once was hidden from plain sight,” is the energy surrounding this.

You will uncover & discover many things. There is a heavy Sun in Sagittarius energy leading you throughout the findings still backed up intensely by Scorpio due to the balancing of the life & death energies.

Our mission is to complete what our Ancestors couldn’t.

My guidance to you is to clear your Aura with a crystal or a spiritual bath. Sunbathe or simply spend a few hours in the Sun. Then move forward with your New Moon rituals. All that I have written here today will soon make sense.

Also, you will be guided to research more. Please don’t ignore any nudges given to you as this is your higher self leading the way forward.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

Real Reason why I’m not sharing new guidance on Twitter right now…

As most of you have noticed, I recently pulled away from sharing intuitive guidance on Twitter.

Please know that this is simply because all of the energies that entered this Earthly realm are still settling in. Let me explain more.

I have mentioned before that my gifts allow me to see the past, the present and the future energies. I have been given all of the intuitive guidance from my higher self & my guides that is in need of sharing up to this point.

If I continue to share messages each day, then it will become redundant.

Spirit is saying the same things over and over again to all of us. The reason for this is because many of us are not willing to listen.

I found that what I have shared during the month of March will still be unfolding throughout Taurus season.

There are so many of us very gifted intuitives out there that receive messages in so many different ways. I figured since my guides basically told me to “shut up!” I could at least share what others are receiving at this time.

Understand that the way I connect to my visionary gifts are totally different than the way many others may connect. Which is what leads me to my next rant, lol.

I have advised of a new PERSPECTIVE being a major theme across this plane of existence for all of us in this current season. No matter where it may apply for you…it’s happening and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

Since we all have new perspectives we are now being nudged to MOVE TF ON! And until we do…Spirit is going to keep repeating guidance to us all. Eventually this will change due to astrological events but as of right now this is where we are as a WHOLE.

Now that we are here…together…we can open our minds to see what others have to say about this great transition. After all, we got this new perspective specifically for that very reason!

We are not only able to see so much more clearly but we are also able to hear and feel differently because our actions, thoughts & views are not centered around selfishness. It’s centered in ONENESS! And True Self.

Now, I can keep typing the same thing over and over again but I refuse to do so.

This is my last time typing this so pay attention…

We are ALL being guided to MOVE ON! This will apply to each of you differently but it has to be done. Your homework is to take that new perspective and use it to see what is needed of YOU next. I can’t tell you what is needed of you nor can anyone else. We can only confirm and enlighten you to the fact that IT IS TIME!

Trust me when I say if you chose to stay stagnant even when your guides and Spirit have given you a clear opening…then you will be left behind in this universal forward movement of consciousness.

Make the conscious decision to do what needs to be done so you can move to the next level. A UNIVERSAL cycle has completed and WE are now at square one all over again.

🗣It is the season of second chances! And this applies to us ALL.

Know that I will return to horoscopes and intuitive quickies when I am led to do so by my guides. I hope you all are able to hear me clearly in this message. I hope that you are able to take away what I am attempting to share with you. I hope that this message serves it’s purpose and enlightens you to the fact that we ALL are ANEW!

Until then, affirm: “I make the conscious decision to move on from all that has been released from me during the last phase. I am more than open to moving on for the highest good of myself and for all that are involved. And so it. Asè”🤲🏾

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Guidance, and Divine Protection.