Hello Star Family!!! I am Back!

I can’t explain how deeply happy I am to be typing this message in this exact moment! Truly, if you have ever wondered what being grateful in all that is presently in your life feels like…I can attest to the fact that it feels just like how I feel right now. As usual, before IContinue reading “Hello Star Family!!! I am Back!”

Affirmation Screensavers for this Next Phase 🌻

There is a free flowing energy surrounding you today. All you need to do is utilize the tools that have been given to you since birth to direct this energy towards materializing into real blessings via physical & emotional forms. It is very, very important for our minds to stay aligned with the power weContinue reading “Affirmation Screensavers for this Next Phase 🌻”

New Moon, New Year…A Whole New World

Welcome to the beginning of the new! You made it! And you should be more than grateful for all of the lessons you’ve learned along the way. Today, marks the start of a new way of thinking about your life. Today, marks the start of a new way of doing that which is aligned withContinue reading “New Moon, New Year…A Whole New World”

5 things to do during the New Moon in Aries

There is an energy of abundance surrounding many of you. This energy is rooted in your truth, life purpose and taking action towards what you truly want. Aligning with your life purpose ensures you will always have what you need to complete your mission. There is a very positive and grateful energy here so harnessContinue reading “5 things to do during the New Moon in Aries”

Intuitive Quickie: This is “Ancestral not Generational” (7 April)

There is an energy around the collective that has a “waiting” vibe around it. This energy heightened on/around the 7th of April which is when I began to type this post. This is an energy is rooted in communication around something we either released or need to release our hold onto as it no longerContinue reading “Intuitive Quickie: This is “Ancestral not Generational” (7 April)”

Real Reason why I’m not sharing new guidance on Twitter right now…

As most of you have noticed, I recently pulled away from sharing intuitive guidance on Twitter. Please know that this is simply because all of the energies that entered this Earthly realm are still settling in. Let me explain more. I have mentioned before that my gifts allow me to see the past, the presentContinue reading “Real Reason why I’m not sharing new guidance on Twitter right now…”

Book of Magick: Godis of Magic and Divination

Before diving into another one of my short stories inside from my Book of Magick, please take the time to read these first. Everything makes so much more sense if you keep up with each chapter released in order. 😏 “My dearest, divine sisters we have exactly one millisecond left to project over to TheContinue reading “Book of Magick: Godis of Magic and Divination”

Dear Alchemist Letter Eleven

Dear Alchemist, Surrender all today. Ask that all around you unfold for the highest good of all kind. Set sacred intentions for wellness, wholeness and happiness…for the highest good of all kind. Set free those around you to seek and pursue the same but in their own way…for the highest good of all kind. SeekContinue reading “Dear Alchemist Letter Eleven”

Dear Alchemist Letter Ten

Dear Alchemist, You are divinely loved, divinely protected, divinely guided and blessed with divine wisdom. If at any time you fell imbalanced because you are struggling to balance your own needs with others, please understand that unity and polarity exists. Ask your guides to connect you with a frequency of balance, positive change and alignment.Continue reading “Dear Alchemist Letter Ten”