Dear Alchemist Letter Nine

Dear Alchemist, Harness the four elements today. Start by writing down four goals to achieve over the next four weeks. Notate them inside of your celestial soul journal. Each goal should be set intentionally to reflect each element. Goal One: Emotional focused for Water. Goal Two: Intellectually focused for Air. Goal Three: Materially focused forContinue reading “Dear Alchemist Letter Nine”

Dear Alchemist Letter Eight

Dear Alchemist, Ask the Divine for clarification today. If you are wanting a direct message to confirm or deny something about a situation, a path, or an indecision…just ask. Give thanks to your guides, the universe, God, the Divine for answering your requests. Be grateful for all that is. Surrender the situation. And so itContinue reading “Dear Alchemist Letter Eight”

Dear Alchemist Letter Seven

Dear Alchemist, When was the last time you’ve shown the sun gratitude? It’s been a minute, huh? I thought so. Next sunrise, clear your space and gratefully invite the sunshine in. Light a yellow candle. Do some sun salutations. Burn an incense that has sunny vibes. Journal about the sunshine and how it makes youContinue reading “Dear Alchemist Letter Seven”

Dear Alchemist Letter Six

Dear Alchemist, “You have absolutely nothing to fear but fear itself.” Reset and refocus today. Transmute all of that fear-filled energy into something magical, joyful, and peaceful. Start by cleansing yourself tonight in a spiritual bath. Light some white candles. Sprinkle some herbs like lavender or rosemary into the tub. Add some salt if youContinue reading “Dear Alchemist Letter Six”

Dear Alchemist Letters Four

Dear Alchemist, You are a divine creative being of infinite power and light. You have the power to manifest and bring about change and peace. Today, is a good day to get to know yourself on a cosmic level. If you are guided to meditate more than once a day, take a Yoga or PilatesContinue reading “Dear Alchemist Letters Four”

Dear Alchemist Letter Three

Dear Alchemist, You are a Divine Light beaming so bright. I can feel your heart from wherever I am in the universe. You are straight out of a cosmic connection to the Divine, just as I am. You are confident, strong and knowing. Do not hesitate to connect with your Higher Self as often asContinue reading “Dear Alchemist Letter Three”

Dear Alchemist Letter Two

Dear Alchemist, Please know that your blessings are limitless. Pull an oracle card today for confirmation of such. Understand that you, and only you, know exactly what you want. Do not allow the beliefs of others to limit your ability to create what is truly yours. All that you desire is your Divine Birthright asContinue reading “Dear Alchemist Letter Two”

Dear Alchemist Letter One

Dear Alchemist, I am not here to preach to you nor am I here to tell you that all you have learned up until now is incorrect. I am here to guide you towards your Higher Self as your Celestial Divine Teacher and Shamanic Healer of the consciousness. I am an Intuitive, just as youContinue reading “Dear Alchemist Letter One”

Navigating through Distractions 22 March 2021 (late post)

Right now I am taking a much needed hiatus from alchemy for others, aka you the collective. Every astrological year I begin to receive significant guidance from ascended masters pushing me towards the changes I need to make to ensure the next year will be even more growth oriented. This guidance is always needed inContinue reading “Navigating through Distractions 22 March 2021 (late post)”