Book of Magick: Sun & Moon Pairing Ceremony

Chapter 4: Earth 772 Nyxiah grabbed Tarurian’s hand as she pulled him towards the Hillyer. “Come on Taurian, we are going to miss my favorite part of the Sun and Moon pairing ceremony. You always walk so slow when I am in a hurry!” Taurian continued to drag his feet knowing it would upset hisContinue reading “Book of Magick: Sun & Moon Pairing Ceremony”

Intuitive Quickie: Pisces New Moon 🌚

I was shown dreams under a rainbow, soul level creativity, and purity in all forms. During my daily oracle check-in with my guides, it was revealed to me that the collective will be given a clear opening. This opening is shown to me as being under a rainbow like energy field. We are being giftedContinue reading “Intuitive Quickie: Pisces New Moon 🌚”

New Moon Ritual for when the Moon enters Aries

Happy New Moon! If you are searching for more guidance on the New Moon in Pisces please refer to my previous blog posts. Below you will find the downloadable Ritual for when the New Moon enters Aries a few hours after it’s New phase in Pisces. Very detailed instructions are inside. 💫 Please don’t skipContinue reading “New Moon Ritual for when the Moon enters Aries”

Last New Moon of this Astro Year: Make a Wish! It may come true.

It’s about that time again folks! The New Moon is near and we are connected on a level like no other when it comes to compassion for ourselves and others. You most likely experienced a highly emotional week thanks to Neptune, the Sun and all of these Pisces energies centered around the inner workings ofContinue reading “Last New Moon of this Astro Year: Make a Wish! It may come true.”

Intuitive Quickie: Organize for Success

I don’t know who needs to read this specifically but there is a sense of urgency around some of you needing to clear space but in an organized fashion. But not so much of a getting rid of “things” kind of way. Let me explain more. After sending out my divined Moon in Scorpio tweet…Continue reading “Intuitive Quickie: Organize for Success”

Mars in Gemini + Moon in Libra Vision Board 3 March 2021

Mars has officially entered Gemini! And now it’s time for you to get some work done. I have created another worksheet to assist you with navigating this energy appropriately even if you don’t have any mutable sign placements. I want you to understand that no matter what’s happening in the skies you can always harnessContinue reading “Mars in Gemini + Moon in Libra Vision Board 3 March 2021”

Full Moon in Virgo: A Clearing is here

“A clearing that feels cool and fresh” is what I heard, saw and felt while meditating on the energy of the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th of February. Fyi…this message was pre-typed on 25 Feb which gives a little insight of how strong & determined it was to show itself to meContinue reading “Full Moon in Virgo: A Clearing is here”

Intuitive Quickie: “Delivery” energy of something you have been wishing for has entered the timeline

Today, I recommend you grounding and clearing your space. I’m just going to put this out there right in the beginning of this intuitive quickie. During my morning meditation, I saw multiple messages around “delivery.” These messages were rooted in desires and wish fulfillment in regards to emotional things and material things. The emotional aspectContinue reading “Intuitive Quickie: “Delivery” energy of something you have been wishing for has entered the timeline”

Sun + Moon Sign Horoscopes 2.22

At the time of this blog post, the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is in Cancer. Please keep that in mind while reading your message. These messages are only for Sun Sign + Moon Sign placements and absolutely no other. Please apply them wisely. If they do not resonate with your current energy,Continue reading “Sun + Moon Sign Horoscopes 2.22”

Mercury Stations Direct Aquarius Oracle Spread…You should know how to do on your own! 20 February 2021

Guess what? We made it! We are officially out of the very first Mercury retrograde of 2021. Now what? Well my guidance to you today is to pull out your favorite oracle cards to receive messages from your higher self while under this newly direct energy. Grab a pencil and a journal or notebook tooContinue reading “Mercury Stations Direct Aquarius Oracle Spread…You should know how to do on your own! 20 February 2021”