Morning Mindful Journaling

Take note of what is on your Mind first thing in the morning. Have your journal readily available. If possible, try to place it right next to your bed every night. Take a few deep breaths in and release. Then sit in that energy. Close your eyes or keep them open. It’s completely up toContinue reading “Morning Mindful Journaling”

From Nothing to Everything

With the Full Moon in the very strong spirited Leo, there is a sense of “coming up” energy surrounding and heavily influencing us. With respect to all other planetary placements, there is proof of a spiritual and physical renewal happening on this plane of existence. We are entering brand new territory and our hearts areContinue reading “From Nothing to Everything”

Retrogrades of 2021 be like…

Now that we covered all of that Mercury Retrograde fear in the previous post, let’s take a unified breath in and release slowly in preparation of these amazing photos I found. Lighten up and let’s have a bit of fun with this. 1-2-3…Go! First up…Chiron goes Station Retrograde in Aries on 15 July 2021 andContinue reading “Retrogrades of 2021 be like…”

Leaving One State of Being to Enter Another…Mercury Retrograde

I know, I know…you all despise a Mercury Retrograde vibe but to be honest our most recent conversations around this energy empowers it to do more wrong than right. Last astrological year, Mercury Retrograde was plastered across makeup branding, clothing and even real estate ads to either discourage you or give you something other thanContinue reading “Leaving One State of Being to Enter Another…Mercury Retrograde”

Intuitive Astro Guidance of the Day

Okay. So during my morning meditation, I was guided to share with you some insight on certain placements in Astrology. Today, my guides asked me to focus on the following topics: Jupiter in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra, Mars in Aries and Mercury in Taurus. Before getting started let me cover some backgroundContinue reading “Intuitive Astro Guidance of the Day”

What I intend to Be, is more than I ever expected to See.

I don’t know if it’s all of this heavy Aquarian energy entering the atmosphere but I am already on my real life Celestial Being type of s**t! I woke up this morning more than ready to release my fantasies into reality. The influence of this energy has been tremendously transformative but elusive at the sameContinue reading “What I intend to Be, is more than I ever expected to See.”

Sun enters Aquarius while Moon is still in Aries

Hey there Astro peeps! And those of you who just want to know what’s happening in the energetic fields today. Obviously, we are here to discuss divined messages for the Sun entering Aquarius very soon. By the way if you are an Aquarius, congratulations! Your sign is one of my most favorite to discuss andContinue reading “Sun enters Aquarius while Moon is still in Aries”

Focus of the Day (18 Jan 2021)

BALANCE ADAPTABILITY TIME MANAGEMENT PRIORITIZATION There is an energy focused around Uranus and Mars being in Taurus right now. My tweeted messages around this can be found here. Please keep in mind energy is fluid just like time. Although these messages might be time stamped (for recording & tracking purposes) does not mean this energyContinue reading “Focus of the Day (18 Jan 2021)”

Moon Talk

These questions are submitted anonymously via email & twitter direct messages. If you have a question you would like me to answer, please feel free to submit to @scribegodess on twitter. You must follow me in order to do so. As new questions are submitted this blog thread will be updated. © 2020 Katrina Long. Continue reading “Moon Talk”

Staying Organized…the Easy Way!

Who me? Organized? Most definitely! Blame it on my overly obsessive Virgo & Capricorn placements, but I do find it somewhat soothing to keep track of our daily, weekly & monthly schedules. You know: school, after school meet ups, grocery shopping, tidying up, paying bills, remembering appointments and so on. Hence the very necessary sub-categoryContinue reading “Staying Organized…the Easy Way!”