Hello Star Family!!! I am Back!

I can’t explain how deeply happy I am to be typing this message in this exact moment! Truly, if you have ever wondered what being grateful in all that is presently in your life feels like…I can attest to the fact that it feels just like how I feel right now. As usual, before IContinue reading “Hello Star Family!!! I am Back!”

5 things to do during the New Moon in Aries

There is an energy of abundance surrounding many of you. This energy is rooted in your truth, life purpose and taking action towards what you truly want. Aligning with your life purpose ensures you will always have what you need to complete your mission. There is a very positive and grateful energy here so harnessContinue reading “5 things to do during the New Moon in Aries”

New Moon Ritual for when the Moon enters Aries

Happy New Moon! If you are searching for more guidance on the New Moon in Pisces please refer to my previous blog posts. Below you will find the downloadable Ritual for when the New Moon enters Aries a few hours after it’s New phase in Pisces. Very detailed instructions are inside. 💫 Please don’t skipContinue reading “New Moon Ritual for when the Moon enters Aries”

Full Moon in Virgo: A Clearing is here

“A clearing that feels cool and fresh” is what I heard, saw and felt while meditating on the energy of the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th of February. Fyi…this message was pre-typed on 25 Feb which gives a little insight of how strong & determined it was to show itself to meContinue reading “Full Moon in Virgo: A Clearing is here”

Intuitive Quickie: Building a Team to make for a Genius Operation

Miracles & Potential! If this were a twitter post…that would be the tweet. Those 3 words explain this entire intuitive quickie. I actually started to put this entire message into a thread but I really wanted to make this message stand out loud and clear for many of you today. So, here we go. ThereContinue reading “Intuitive Quickie: Building a Team to make for a Genius Operation”

12 Keys to Astrology we all should know

No monologue or channeled message attached to this post…sorry. I was guided to share this file publicly. I also feel as though we need to focus on what is meant for ALL of us to learn in this moment. The world is shifting. Be Mindful. Additional material is below. Oh…and press play! 😏 As withContinue reading “12 Keys to Astrology we all should know”

AlcheMystic Podcast Season 2, Episode 2: Five Planets Are In Aquarius

Welcome to my very first “Grand Rising” podcast of 2021 while Mercury is busy retrograding. I just want to outline a few things before you move on to listening to the podcast. I am an intuitive diviner and I have tweeted (and deleted👀) a few posts about these next 3 weeks being very Karmic relatedContinue reading “AlcheMystic Podcast Season 2, Episode 2: Five Planets Are In Aquarius”

Working Through Thoughts during Mercury Retrograde

There is an increasing energy of the collective being forced to face our past issues. These inner workings are needing to be completed by taking the time to Self Reflect. Yeah…Let’s chat more about that. During this time it is more important than ever for us to acknowledge every thought we experience. There is aContinue reading “Working Through Thoughts during Mercury Retrograde”