Book of Magick: Sun & Moon Pairing Ceremony

Chapter 4: Earth 772

Nyxiah grabbed Tarurian’s hand as she pulled him towards the Hillyer. “Come on Taurian, we are going to miss my favorite part of the Sun and Moon pairing ceremony. You always walk so slow when I am in a hurry!” Taurian continued to drag his feet knowing it would upset his sister every time. Plus he never truly wanted to go to the Hillyer and he also knew that she could not leave him behind. They weren’t really allowed to attend a Sun and Moon ceremony but Taurian did enjoy the thrill of sneaking in with Nyxiah. She knew every shortcut and hiding space because of her time spent there as a young Nemvilla with their parents. After her tenth solar return, she was no longer allowed inside of the Hillyer unless it was her very own Sun and Moon pairing ceremony.

After slipping passed the guards near the forest entry, Nyxiah led Taurian down the hallway near their father’s ascension class and then behind the bookshelf in the foyer of the Hall of Priestesses. The Hillyer was built by their ancestors to honor Empress Nenkarshaki’s vision for the Nemvilla while on Earth 772. There are so many hidden passageways, codes and doors but Nyxiah learned to memorize with visualization at a very early age. At five her uncle told her stories about how the great architects before him created maps that aligned with the stars of the Waters of the Western Skies. These maps were encoded with sacred knowledge used to build the Hillyer of Magic and Mystery. While on his break between classes, he would let her rummage through the maps as long as she would put them back in their assigned spot. She would wait for him with extreme excitement outside of the energy coding class he taught. It was her favorite memory of the many days spent at the Hillyer as a child. She would spend hours decoding these maps if permitted. Each day, Nyxiah would unroll a new map as her uncle told her the wisdom behind it. As she listened, her thoughts would allow her mind to drift away to that time. After each story she would carefully roll them up before placing them back into the Mirrors of Maps just as if she had never removed them. It took her exactly 1 year, 1 month and 11 days to learn the secret messages and codes of the Mirrors of Maps.

“We’re here” whispered Nyxiah. “This is my favorite spot.” Taurian was actually in awe because after sneaking into the Hillyer for what seemed like the hundredth time, he had never seen the ceremony hall from this high up before. The view of the ceremony never looked so magical. The Moonstone crystal floors reflected the skies of Earth 772 in a way Taurian had never seen before. It was enchanting. “Look! There’s Mother” Nyxiah’s voice jolted Taurian out his dazed enlightenment. Priestess Katrina walked onto the platform of the ceremony hall with effortless grace. She almost seemed to float whenever she was there. Nyxiah has never missed a ceremony since her mother was crowned Priestess of the Sun and Moon. She dreamt of the day her mother would conduct her ceremony amongst her peers, guides and ancestors. With every graduation she would imagine it was her being delivered the Scroll of Nemvilla by the Scryers. She has only finished her first four years of summoning, visionary alignment, light code healing and energy bending but she knew that all of her work would pay off and she would one day be spending the morning of the ceremony with her mother while being bathed and cleansed in the Waters of the Western Skies that were cast here by Empress Nenkarshaki before the war. 

The ceremony seating was aligned in a swirl pattern around the platform that could only truly be enjoyed from an aerial view. The moonstone floors were meant to heightened the energy of the ceremony. The flames burning from the sunstone crystals danced in an harmonic flow as the graduates entered the hall. The first seat was always meant for the most acclaimed student of the Hillyer. No one knew who this person would be until each graduate entered the hall. Scryers would reveal the chosen name on a black obsidian mirror encased in goldstone crystals. The message would only be delivered by the Counsel of Auras directly to the Scryers during the ceremony and passed on to the Priestess. This was the tradition for as long as the ceremony existed. This was the most intriguing part of the ceremony for all especially for Nyxiah. She knew that one day her name would be revealed just as the many before her.

“Tempest Light”, the room gasped as Priestess Katrina read from the black obsidian mirror. Tempest is Nyxiah’s cousin and daughter of Priestess Katrina’s youngest sister, Solana who served as one of the Hillyer’s God Wives. Nyxiah prayed to Empress Nenkarshaki and her Ancestors every Full Moon in hopes that Tempest would be first chair this graduating session. Whilst holding the mirror Priestess Katrina got a reflection of her two beloved children sitting on the beams above her. There was absolutely no way she would interrupt the ceremony to scold them as she truly wanted to. She smiled in understanding of why they were there. It was for Tempest. As she handed the black obsidian mirror back to the scryers, she moved forward with the ceremony by calling upon the ancestors of the waters of the western skies. Everyone waited as the ancestors rose from the moonstone floors and took their seats behind the Priestess. Then she called upon the spirit guides of each graduate. One by one they appeared in all forms. In a matter of seconds the ceremony hall was filled with hundreds of Hippocampus, Pegagus, Phoenix, Dragons of all kinds, Rainbow Unicorns, Celestial Cats, and Galaxy Wolves.

In this very moment is when the graduates were able to see their guardians as something more than a celestial presence who have been with them since brith. This was the day all graduates would forever unify with their ancestors and spirit guides for the rest of this lifetime. This was the Sun and Moon Ceremony of the Hillyer of Empress Nenkarshaki.

Thanks for making it this far into my Book of Magick. Until the next world within worlds is revealed find me where the stars align….across all timelines. My intentions are to continue release a different chapter as I am guided to. This week’s Sun in Pisces and Moon in Pisces inspired the release of this chapter today. All writings are my own just as any other post on this blog.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

Intuitive Quickie: Pisces New Moon 🌚

I was shown dreams under a rainbow, soul level creativity, and purity in all forms.

During my daily oracle check-in with my guides, it was revealed to me that the collective will be given a clear opening. This opening is shown to me as being under a rainbow like energy field.

We are being gifted something so pure and magically connected to not one, but two worlds. The moon and the sun in Pisces is making this possible for us. We are finally able to see clearly all that our dreams have been subtly revealing to us over the last astrological year in layers of some sort.

Just as the rainbow has many layers of colors that make it a rainbow, our dreams are one in the same. If you separate each color from the rainbow they would just be one solid color standing alone but when you combine them they make one of the most beautiful sights to see!

There is an unfolding happening within us and it has 100% to do with our minds. We are being gifted the ability to co-create something so dreamlike that it feels like it would only be found under a rainbow. Like the fantasy of a pot of gold being at the end of the rainbow we have all grown up to know.

I am being guided to advise you that this dream you have is not a dream anymore. It is your reality.

You are being shown what your future holds quite clearly and it’s being disguised as a dream to prepare you for what’s to come over the next few days to 13 weeks and to continue throughout the next 13 months. There is a cycle of 12 completing and the last piece (13) is all encompassing. Similar to a rainbows energy. It holds to the keys to unlocking the magical powers of each color. It also holds the power to unlocking a magical realization of the fact that each layer serves a divinely guided purpose. And each layer has such a magical affect on the entire world when seen by any one of us at any given time across any timeline.

How will you harness this energy?

We are being asked to surrender to the flow of the universe as she is more than prepared to gift you that pot of gold underneath your very own rainbow.

Listen to her as she speaks so softly to you during this time. She is gentle, kind and giving, so you should be too. She is forthright, so you should be too. She is understanding, so you should be too. She is hopeful, so you should be too.

Her love for you is going to be revealed and you must have reciprocity. You deserve it and so does the universe and all man kind.

As your gifts unfold and you are granted your wishes, please remember this moment. Remember when you so eagerly wanted this to come. Remember the hard work, the dedication, the determination and the perseverance that got you here.

No matter what changes for the better are made in your life during this time, never forget this feeling you have right now.

This is all she asks of us.

Continuity of blessings depends upon your actions after you have been given all that you have asked for.

Please don’t stop doing all that you have been doing to get to this point. There is more to be given and your actions will determine how much more you will receive.

Understand that all of your prayers, meditation, conscious living, passion, strength and courage got you here! And it is still required of you.

I hope this message resonates with the many of you that were shown to me as needing to read this today.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance.

I am truly so proud of all of you! 🥰💃🏽

As above. So below. As within. So without.

Asè 🤲🏾

New Moon Ritual for when the Moon enters Aries

Happy New Moon!

If you are searching for more guidance on the New Moon in Pisces please refer to my previous blog posts.

Below you will find the downloadable Ritual for when the New Moon enters Aries a few hours after it’s New phase in Pisces. Very detailed instructions are inside. 💫

Please don’t skip over watching this video fully as I have empowered it with the reiki healing energies of Supreme Happiness & Pure Bliss across this timeline. I hope you accept this energy. Below the video you will find your ritual for the Aries New Moon phase.

As above. So below. As within. So without. 💫

Last New Moon of this Astro Year: Make a Wish! It may come true.

It’s about that time again folks!

The New Moon is near and we are connected on a level like no other when it comes to compassion for ourselves and others.

You most likely experienced a highly emotional week thanks to Neptune, the Sun and all of these Pisces energies centered around the inner workings of our minds, bodies and spiritual attunement in regards to our individual paths and alignment.

As mentioned on twitter right here 👇🏾

We are moving away from last astrological year so it’s only right that we “wrap up” all of our hidden emotional trauma before entering fast moving Aries season.

What intrigues me the most about this week, is all of the good karmic rewards grounded in luck and backed by the notorious vibes of fire energy that is aligned with what’s to come for many of us in the next astrological year. There is a major starting over vibe here for many of us to indulge in.

On top of all of that, my most favorite part about this New Moon is that it will begin it’s New Phase in Pisces but quickly transition into Aries!!! Like how crazy is that? I am excited about this because it explains all of the fire energy I have been screaming about all over twitter since last November. Aries will be settling in nicely even before the “New” 👀 Astrological year begins!

So, when you decipher how the universe is speaking to us you will be just as excited as I am.

The embedded code here clearly shows that during this “New” Moon Phase we are given the opportunity to work out all of the little emotionally binding or hindering kinks in our lives. (This is all karmic related so keep that in mind as you continue to read. 😏) Then we are quickly jolted into fast action due to our “Newfound” emotional stability while still under the influence of the “New” Moon Phase but…in Aries fashion!

We are being given the opportunity to jumpstart the next Astrological Year a whole 7 days early! The New Moon happens on the 13th and Aries season begins on the 20th. 🗣 SEVEN days!

In numerology, the number SEVEN has so many angelic elements and meanings to it. Basically, you are going to be able to unlock your luck and destiny due to all of the hard work you have completed around SELF during the last Astrological Year. The universe is so generous about giving you enough time to “wrap things up” with yourSELF that it provides emotional support & guidance right at the top of the “New” Moon in Pisces and then says, Let’s go! Now! when it quickly enters Aries.

My question for you is, are you going to ensure you are ready to complete this mission, both inwardly and outwardly? Or will you ignore the universe obvious ploy to get your attention on yourSELF?

I’m just saying the Sun and Moon will both be in emotionally intuitive Pisces! Like, really? You have to see what I see here.

Not to be redundant but the Moon in Scorpio on March 3rd actually pushed us all into the direction of discovering all that was hidden just so we could complete our universal task progressively & aggressively titled, “wrap that sh** up!”

Now, let’s get to work! Shall we?

Below you will find your New Moon ritual and worksheet. We are going to first focus on acknowledging the FACT that there is a very intense Angelic energy surrounding you at this time. I have been shown Archangel Michael (Warrior), Archangel Jophiel (Inner & Outer Love for Self & others) and Archangel Gabriel (Strength & Forward Movement & Birth).

For some of you, Lord Krishna is also here answering a previous request from possibly months to a year ago. I am seeing you might have also called in Ganesh again recently as well to help remove obstacles and blocks associated with your blessings being on temporary hold. This part of the message is only for those of you that work with these energies regularly. Do not attempt to apply this to your situation if this is foreign to you.

Lastly, there are certain deities that have shown up for many as per your altar requests throughout the last astrological year. Many of you called on their help. Now the stars have aligned in your favor because you have put in the hard work and they are showing back up with a very special delivery for you. I was shown Oshun representing the Sun (Generosity & Gifts), Aphrodite representing Venus (Romantic Love, Beauty & Wealth), and Lakshmi representing Fortune plain and clear (Destiny & Soul Contracts). This may apply to those of you who have been calling forth the energy of these planets and not the deities. Understand that they are showing themselves to me because they are being sent to deliver your requests.

What happens next is completely up to you but the worksheet attached will definitely begin with Gratitude for all of this energy surrounding the collective.

Download the file below to get started!

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection and Divine Guidance during this very auspicious time for the collective.

I’m excited for you! Are you excited? I think we are ALL excited! 😝🤪

As above. So below. As within. So without.

Intuitive Quickie: Organize for Success

I don’t know who needs to read this specifically but there is a sense of urgency around some of you needing to clear space but in an organized fashion. But not so much of a getting rid of “things” kind of way.

Let me explain more.

After sending out my divined Moon in Scorpio tweet…

I was then led to immediately get up and organize. This energy didn’t guide me towards my kitchen or bedroom or even my closet. I was actually led to my sacred spaces in my home and then my office.

As I cleared my altars from a last nights rituals (March 2nd rituals in preparation of March 3rd Mars in Gemini😎), I was told to stop & write this post. Even though I am publishing it on March 5th, I was actually guided to type it up on March 3rd.

Please keep in mind that oftentimes I am given messages during astrological shifts/transits that are meant to be store away in my drafts until the energies have aligned appropriately. So that’s why this message was delayed in being published.

My guidance to you is as follows:

Some of you need to truly organize your ritual tools and divination pieces today. There is an energy urgently rushing in towards you that will require everything to be organized for success & shifts.

Last week the timeline energy was about clearing space for what the Full Moon in Virgo had in store for us. Which meant actually getting rid of things to make way for new things/energies. This week the Scorpio Moon asked us to organize because success lies ahead and it is so fast moving that you won’t have time to go back and organize later.

With the Moon trine Venus this week, I believe the influence around this “call to action” is because of love, beauty and money. We asked the Moon to fill us with something centered around these three things and it’s definitely on it’s way to us.

Prepare your life for all that will take place by organizing for success!

Know that this means starting with your sacred spaces.

Clear your altars.

Reorganize crystals.

I would even suggest placing new crystals in specific rooms in your home. If you have protected satchels on door handles revisit them today. Replace, or update, certain objects that are inside each satchel that will assist you with being organized for success even after today. Add citrine and pyrite to bring in good luck around finances because you will be making awesome financial decisions very soon and very fast.

I would also suggest organizing your herbs and candles. Placing them in new places or making space to add new items for similar use. For example, you can add thyme or mugwort to glass jars so you can see them easily. Label them if you have similar looking herbs. Add a herb journal to your collection of journals or even a candle magick journal. Keeping all of your rituals organized can come in handy whenever you need to revisit them.

Organize your tarot and oracle cards and store away those that aren’t used on the daily basis. I’m one of those neat freaks that keeps boxes to almost everything because I believe everything should have it’s own special well organized space. Putting my cards back into their original boxes makes me feel so happy, lol. If this isn’t something you would like to do that’s fine. Get creative! Purchase a nice large wooden box with a latch to place them inside of or a designated drawers or basket.

Organize your journals as well.

Walk around your house to find things that can help you do all of this. No need to go out and buy new shelves or boxes if you don’t have the means to do so. Just work with what you have.

I also suggest hanging new pictures up or creating altar boxes to help decrease the clutter that we tend to build up around the many altars we have. Also altars boxes help keep your altars private especially if you have roommates or young children that like to get into things.

All I’m saying is to organize like you just moved into the place. Turn on some music and get to work!

The songs that came to me the morning of this message were…

Tidal: Ungodly Hour by Chloe and Halle

Tidal: Find Your Way Back by Beyoncé

Tidal: Already by Beyoncé, Shasta Wale, Major Lazer

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without. Asè

Mars in Gemini + Moon in Libra Vision Board 3 March 2021

Mars has officially entered Gemini! And now it’s time for you to get some work done.

I have created another worksheet to assist you with navigating this energy appropriately even if you don’t have any mutable sign placements.

I want you to understand that no matter what’s happening in the skies you can always harness any energy if you truly desire to do so. Even when intuitives, like myself, say “these signs/placements will be affected the most.” Know that although we are listing a specific group, this does not mean the energies are not relevant for any other group.

Now, let’s get to work!

As per usual, please start by downloading the attachment below. Instructions are within.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

Full Moon in Virgo: A Clearing is here

“A clearing that feels cool and fresh” is what I heard, saw and felt while meditating on the energy of the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th of February.

Fyi…this message was pre-typed on 25 Feb which gives a little insight of how strong & determined it was to show itself to me very early on. I usually don’t channel these detailed messages until right beforehand.

I was shown a freshwater creek flowing freely across white rocks towards a very tall tree.

The energies Spirit clarified this vision with were: Sun in Capricorn & Mars in Capricorn with a very spontaneous + enthusiastic new beginning around a clarity of purpose vibe being heavily influenced by Uranus. This is all being backed up by Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Cancer & Sun in Taurus energies.

At the forefront of these energies are Venus in Aries (confident fresh starts with love for oneself taking center stage) and Mars in Leo (strong, creative persistence). This has building your own kingdom energy all over it!

The outcome is showing up as a Moon in Aquarius energy coming in very fast which explains the fresh water creek shown to me. Check your natal placements for keys that correlate with these energies. Please keep in mind that whenever I list influential astro energies like this that doesn’t mean they have to be in your chart necessarily nor any world events charts. These energies are shown to me as indicators of timeline influences within the messages I receive and deliver to you from multiple realms & dimensions.

Uranus is playing a major role during this Full Moon in Virgo because we are being guided towards our very own 6 of wands here. This means progress, victory, confidence and achievement. For some of you, this could mean public recognition as well because I was shown a stage in regards to this. FYI…on the 26th of February the Sun sextile Uranus meaning “unfoldments” will be happening on the daily from then throughout the 4th of March and probably even further on. 👀

There is an innocence that is so freeing here for so many of you. You will feel comfortable in this energy. I’m seeing that the Moon being in Leo right before it transitions into Virgo has a lot to do with this next chapter in our lives. I feel like we are returning to what we dreamt of achieving as a child. Sometimes this can show up as not wanting the same things you thought were good for you because you don’t feel the freedom you once felt as a child. Free to think and do what makes you feel amazing is the focus. Most of us will be abandoning old thought processes as well. There is no normalization around this because you are determining what your normal looks and feels like. It feels very much like the “new me is the true me” here.

To clarify this a bit more for my Astro Diviner’s & Tarot readers/followers, if you take the Fool Card (Uranus), the 4 of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn) & the 3 of Pentacles (Mars in Capricorn) this will show you what I am seeing a bit more clearly. “You are the Architect of your own life” vibes right here for sure. The Kabbalistic letter for the Fool (speaking in estoreric here) means Aleph which means Ox! We just celebrated the Chinese New Year as the Year of the Ox.👀

Read more about that here: Intuitive Quickie: Sneak Peek into what’s in store for each modality during this Chinese New Year.

Do you see how this now comes full circle? Do you understand now how time is fluid? The effects of the Year of the Ox energy will show up for us within & after the Full Moon in Virgo. Not to mention that this is the very last Full Moon in this Astrological Year. Our next New Moon in Pisces (while we are in Pisces season btw so brace yourselves for that double whammy of Piscean energies with both the Sun + Moon 🧘🏾‍♀️)  will be on March 13th. Our very first Full Moon of the new astrological year will be on the 22nd of March and the Moon will be in Libra ⚖️ Like wtf?? Lol 😝

A full balancing of the scales to jump off the Astrological Year beginning in Aries season on the 21st of March? Sign me up!

I’m exhausted typing all of that out and feeling the emotions around it all 🥺🎉🪂🎁🧨🔥🧯🥵🤣.

What I am saying to you is that this Full Moon in Virgo will be a “Clearing” one. We are being influenced by so much water energy + inner child flow for the remainder of this Astro year leading up to the next Astro year. How do you truly feel about that? Tbh…I feel excited! I feel like we are going to be breaking into a fresh new Astro year with a fresh new start (fresh new looks for many of you😏) which means there are fresh new beginnings, fresh new ideas and fresh new desires available for us if we want them. Basically, we will have many options in this next phase.

Twitter reference: Creativity & True Self shown in image revamps!

It’s like we are being born again in a sense. Yes! Rebirths during Pisces season!! Woot! Woot! 🙌🏾💃🏽

I truly love change around free flowing energies because it keeps things new and open. I don’t see a lot of Foundations changing so don’t fret. I actually see them strengthening more than anything.

Twitter Reference: Pisces season energies to be expected!

Understand that Venus has entered Pisces as well so there will be challenges around our Emotional connections to home related things as we cross over into March. I am seeing “1111” so these are challenges that make way for Enlightenment, Attunement & Spiritual Growth as a whole. Compassion for one another is key here too. 

Twitter Reference: Venus in Pisces

Now, there is also a stagnant energy here that will be released. This refers to the creek actually “flowing” in the vision I was given in regards to this aspect. Passionate offers surround this as well but I see more of home related issues being highlighted here for many of the collective.

Understand that your DNA light codes are being activated as well. I am being shown our “DNA as rainbows” here. There will be a shift inside and out for many of us. Something that has been moving slow to heal or clear out is finally moving out of our way during this Full Moon phase. Pay attention to your dreams at this time. I feel like I always say that around the Full Moon. Honestly, it’s because you are actually becoming “full” during this specific moon phase more than any other. Meaning your mind, body and spirit are being filled with all that is meant for your highest good. In order for this to happen, constant contact with your the higher you, aka your highest self 👀, has to be at the center of everything.

At the forefront of this light code activation, here you stand with more than a game plan for action based blessings. You are renewed and prepared for crossing new horizons.

I hope with resonates with the masses because thats exactly what was shown to me as being highly affected by the Full Moon in Virgo.

As per usual, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection and Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

Asè 🤲🏾

Intuitive Quickie: “Delivery” energy of something you have been wishing for has entered the timeline

Today, I recommend you grounding and clearing your space. I’m just going to put this out there right in the beginning of this intuitive quickie.

During my morning meditation, I saw multiple messages around “delivery.”

These messages were rooted in desires and wish fulfillment in regards to emotional things and material things. The emotional aspect is actually showing up as an after affect. Meaning you will be very happy when this happens for you. But whenever there is a clear sign of something this emotionally fulfilling coming towards the collective, including myself, I begin with grounding that energy immediately with my singing bowls. This is a technique that I personally use mainly because singing bowls are a major part of my divination practices. I use them for healing, balancing, grounding and clearing. This is my way of answering the universal flow of things with a big, YES! We want this. All of this. 😜

I grounded the energy with a singing bowl I intentionally use for root chakra and sacral chakra divination. I then smoked my space out with the intention for “all that is meant for the collective, and any extension of collective, will be allowed to enter this timeline in alignment with the highest vibrations of love.”

I say this to you all because the message I received for the collective was simply, “there is a delivery for you.”

I feel this energy intensely in my heart space and it is centered around compassion for others. There is a heavy generosity energy here as well that is actually ushering this “delivery” into your space right now.

Some of you have been waiting patiently for your turn to have all that is aligned with the highest vibrations and today you will be receiving just that. I honestly see this coming in as a complete surprise for many of you. A generous amount of whatever this may be will have you feeling FULFILLED!

This “delivery” does not necessarily have to be material gain but I am only being shown material gain here as of right now. There is enough here for you to do whatever you have been working so hard to do. There is also collaboration energy here for some of you as well.

Sorry, if this message isn’t as deep or profound as the many others or even as motivational as the others. I can only delivery to you what has been given to me to DELIVER 👀. Today, the message was straight forward and simple because that’s what you need right now. Direct communication minus any confusion.

I hope this message resonates but if it doesn’t that’s okay…for now. Time is fluid and even if this doesn’t’ show up for you on today it doesn’t mean it’s not on it’s way. Stay positive. Align yourself with the highest vibes and you will continue to attract just that!

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Guidance, and Divine Protection.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

Sun + Moon Sign Horoscopes 2.22

At the time of this blog post, the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is in Cancer. Please keep that in mind while reading your message.

These messages are only for Sun Sign + Moon Sign placements and absolutely no other. Please apply them wisely.

If they do not resonate with your current energy, that’s completely okay. Return to this space next Monday for a new message that may be meant for you. Lastly, there will be posts for all other planetary messages as well. I have transitioned my previous “Astro Intuitive Messages by Houses“ twitter threads into easy-to-read horoscopes per sign on the Scribe Godess blog only.

Subscribe here 👇🏾 so you never miss a beat.

These messages are 100% intuitive with zero use of Tarot. Yeah…real life Seer vibes over here only!

I send you nothing but the high vibrations of the Sun + Moon as you read.

Also, there is a message around today being the 22nd of the 2nd month of the calendar year that I posted on twitter. Please read first!

Aries – Your energy is actually on point again this week. I believe that is mainly because we are approaching Aries season quite fast this calendar year. We are already in Pisces season…crazy btw. There is an energy of you most likely wanting Aries season to begin as soon as possible 😝 so you can get to something. Trust that what you are doing right now spiritually is balancing out physically, emotionally and mentally. I just honestly feel like you are in the perfect spot right now to bring forth what you have been patiently waiting for since last Aries season. That says a lot for you Aries Sun + Moon placements because you are often quite fast in relation to impulsiveness. You are listening to your inner guidance to make sure you don’t miss a thing this time around. This is awesome for you!

Taurus – There is a lot of Joy available for you. I want you to know that even though you may feel as though there is a brick wall directly in front of your “window of opportunity”…this is not true. Your mind is playing games on you. I was shown a turquoise painted brick wall with a white trim window. Maybe one of you has this in your home or a space you visit frequently. Understand that this way of thinking will not get you closer to your destination. It is actually pushing you even further away. My guidance to you this week is to work through these emotions. “Views of self” is definitely highlighted here for you. I feel like there is something else underlying here as well. I know exactly what this underlying issue is for some but I don’t want to affect the subconscious of those who are not going through what I am being shown. Your mind is very sensitive at this time. The common denominator here is that there is a blockage & you need to actively work on yourself to tear it down. This is all mental interference related. Meditation is needed for some and shadow work for others.

Gemini – Green pastures! You are still floating off of last week’s horoscope energy dear Gemini Sun & Moon placements. This week you are being asked to “look a little closer.” My vision was quite clear but I had to squint to see what was there as I got closer to it. You are needing to review, analyze and go over as many details about something this week. I feel like this is something very bright and natural because it is a direct reflection of your current energy. Be mindful of the fact that not all energies entering your brightly lit space are aligned. It’s like when someone is traveling down a dark road looking for the perfect place to park and spend the night before getting back on the road the next day. That person, most likely, will stop at your bright homely looking space before even thinking twice about stopping at the dark space. I hope that makes sense because that’s what my guides told me to write to explain this for someone in particular. For some of you this is directly related to close relationships with others around you at this time and for others this has twin flame energy or mirrored soul energy around it.

Cancer – “Zig zag!” That’s what I heard as soon as I tapped into your energies. There is definitely an energy of going back and forth here and it is centered in cycles needing the right action to be taken. Are you currently feeling like you are on repeat right now? Because that’s exactly what I am being shown. You don’t know which way to go or you keep making the wrong choice around something that is tied to your destined path or purpose. For some reason, I feel like some of you know this is your destined path but you are purposefully sabotaging it out of fear. You really know what you are suppose to be doing but you are definitely being bullheaded about this. I am going to be honest with you right now…you need to stop f**cking around! Stop asking for things to come towards you and then you keep running from it when it appears. You are confusing the universe and pissing off your ancestors. There is something your ancestors left for you to complete and you know exactly what it is. So do it!

Leo – Some of you Sun & Moon Leos might also have Leo rising or you might be very close to someone that does because there is an energy around you that is motherly here showing up but for rising placements in particular. I feel an energy of wealth here for you. Understand that wealth and abundance can apply to any earthly thing. You can have a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of land. Whatever it is you are definitely being given a wealthy, or generous, amount of it pretty soon. This might have to do with inheritance but I feel more of you are actually obtaining this wealth on your own. Some of you might be looking into home purchasing or land ownership. I see fertile land and fertile people around you at this time. If this message is for you, please know that you can start celebrating now because this energy has settled in for you. Expect a fruitful outcome.

Virgo – Tree of life energy is around you at this time. I was actually shown two trees standing firmly planted right next to each other. Are you merging with someone? Marriage? Contractual agreements? Because there is a sense you being very stable and another entity also being just as firm. You are both looking into the same direction as well which symbolizes perfect alignment here. There is some kind of pairing happening for you and it is divinely timed. Know that this energy is firmly rooted and will most likely bring you expansion through an extension of some kind.

Libra – You are highly protected right now. This message is coming from the angelic realm dear Libra Sun & Moon placements. The old gospel song lyrics “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” came to me as I meditated on your energy. I am delivering this message to you because there is a need for you to hear his right now. I don’t sense any doubt around you but I do sense a lack of hope. The recent moon in Gemini energy may have gotten to you this week. Rest assured that all that is meant for you is STILL being guided towards you. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities at this time. Angels are sharing messages with you and they are asking you to see them clearly. There is also someone here that prays a lot and may be wondering if their prayers been heard…the answer is yes.

Scorpio – How many of you are meditating under the Sun? I can feel the sun’s warmth on me. This is amazing for your spirit right now. I am seeing that some of you are really wanting to be rejuvenated and filled with the Sun’s vibes. Know that this is a really good start. Some of you are currently in the unknown right now. You are seeking refuge in the Sun’s energy. I am being shown a white kitchen with a big glass window where you may find yourself standing in front of quite often soaking up the light. There is a sense of you just simply wanting to feel something but you don’t know exactly what that something is just yet. My guidance to you is to begin with self reflection and affirmations. Listen to podcasts that feed your soul or dive deep into a book from your childhood. I just feel like you are just out here searching and you have absolutely no clue what it is you are actually searching for. That feeling of being lost is rooted in not knowing who you truly are.

Sagittarius – I was given the word “frivolous” for you dear Sagittarius Suns & Moons. Don’t let me find out ya’ll are out here balling to no ends! 😜 I am being told to advise you to stop spending or stop daydreaming about spending money you don’t have. This is a time for you to hold on to what you have. There is something on it’s way that may require you to have a savings put aside so please be mindful right now. If you are aware of this already, because I can see that some of you are, then please make the conscious decision to start putting money to the side. Understand that money is energy. If you put forth the effort to use that energy for saving for your future you are letting the universe know that you care enough about yourself to do so. In return, you will have new options open up for you to allow for you to save even more. This message is definitely for those who are really in need of more than just a savings account for a rainy day. You are asking for an increase but you must first show self love/care by saving for your own future before an increase can even show up for you. A lot of you have enough to save but choose not to. It’s time for that to change, asap!

Capricorn – There is an energy around pyramids here for you. Pyramids, in my own perspective, represent portals to other worlds. They are always aligned with a powerful constellation to allow the perfect alignment of energies needed to form a collective transport to worlds within worlds. You are being guided by pyramid energy this week. I am seeing that you are growing something very magical. I don’t think some of you even know that what you are currently working to build or create is backed by magic beyond this current world. I am being told to advise you to research the Pyramid of Giza. There is a message there for you. It will be very relevant to your path going forward. Pyramids can also represent a stable foundation because of the sturdy footing when applied to financial energy readings. Just an fyi 😏

Aquarius – Someone here rides a bike a lot. There is a city landscape or somewhere that has multiple roads. This vision is symbolic of you, dear Aquarius Suns & Moons, having a hard path but something like bike riding feels freeing to you. Some of you have found a way to clear your energetic body from the chaos of the world around you at this time. This might be something you actually do alone hence the reason for the singular bike being in my vision. If you have not found a way to clear your energetic body yet this is confirmation that you need too. Some of you are afraid to do so because you don’t want to leave others you care about out. Listen…you are in need of this right now. Your mind needs clarity and your energy needs balancing. Find something that makes you feel like bike riding with your arms spread out open wide catching all of the rays of the sun and the clearing energy of the wind.

Pisces – The sun is setting around something for you. This means a calmness is near and it will feel like a sunset 🌅 to you. Whatever this is I could feel my chest relax and I was able to breathe clearly. The air felt clean and my body felt less tense. Very similar to watching the sunset. I also heard “Bali” for some of you. I know I have some readers in Indonesia due to my dealings there so this message might be for some of you Balinese readers or you might be traveling to parts of Asia within the next few weeks or months to relax. Either way you are going to be at a point where you can relax pretty soon. This will be mind, body and spirit kind of relaxation too. I just feel an intense energy of vacation around this message for some of you dear Pisces Suns and Moons.


For legal purposes, all messages are general messages. Viewers are solely responsible for how they interpret all readings and takes no responsibility for individual viewers interpretation or action. The viewer is responsible for their own life actions. For entertainment & inspirational purposes only. Not to be used in place of professional advice whether legal, medical, business or financial. Please seek a legal professional for these areas.

Mercury Stations Direct Aquarius Oracle Spread…You should know how to do on your own! 20 February 2021

Guess what? We made it!

We are officially out of the very first Mercury retrograde of 2021. Now what?

Well my guidance to you today is to pull out your favorite oracle cards to receive messages from your higher self while under this newly direct energy. Grab a pencil and a journal or notebook too because we’ve got some work to do…together.

This is a very simple spread with guided questions.

Soon you will have full access to my favorite spreads but for now, this will do. 😏

The first thing you want to do is center yourself. Do this in whichever way feels comfortable to you. I prefer to sit comfortably after smoke clearing my sacred space and tools. I use Selenite crystal wands to sit on top of my cards to clear their energies as well. Call in your guides and ancestors who are here for your highest good and sit in that energy for a few minutes. Focus on your breathing and allow the thoughts to flow through your mind, body & spirit. Don’t ever block where your mind takes you! 🧐🤨

This is just like completing a short meditation…so you can keep your eyes open. Closing your eyes during meditation sometimes makes you fall asleep or creates an subconscious issue with meditating in spaces you can’t close your eyes. And if there is anything I have learned from Monk Gelong in my Mindfulness studies is that you always want to sit upright comfortably. Hands on the lower part of the thighs near the knees and keep your eyes open. Focus on something directly in front you and allow your mind to free flow.

Now, whenever you feel ready you can advise your higher self and guides that you are going to pull cards for guidance in regards to, in this case, Mercury stationing direct in Aquarius. Speak to them as long as you deem necessary and then move forward with the card pulls.

I like to shuffle until my guides advise me to stop but if you aren’t comfortable with that just follow your own inner guidance and shuffle until you feel as though the cards are ready to speak to you. When I first started working with oracle cards, I connected with them each energetically. I can feel when my decks have something to say even when they aren’t in the room with me. I will definitely teach you more about how to do this as we progress on this blog.

You are now in the much easier part. If you have shuffled, I recommend intuitively pulling from the stack for this spread. If you are experienced, you can continue to shuffle while asking the following questions. Cards will most likely jump out on their own if you are already connected to the deck you chose to use.

I will list each card with numbers so you can lay them out starting from the far left working your way to the right…just like writing a sentence. I will explain why afterwards.

Card 1: Please show me clearly the energy currently around me?

Card 2: Please show me clearly the energy of Mercury?

Card 3: Please show me clearly what obstacles lie ahead for me during this transit?

Card 4: Please show me clearly what lessons I have learned during the Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius?

Card 5: Please show me clearly any Communication guidance Mercury is bringing towards me?

Card 6: Please show me clearly what ways I can embrace this guidance?

Card 7: Please show me clearly what messages Mercury Direct in Aquarius has for me?

Card 8: Please show me clearly any additional guidance Mercury has for me?

If you have pulled cards intuitively the next step should be quite easy because you most likely pulled one card per question. If you are advanced and have jumpers lined up this might be a bit complicated but I doubt it.

So now you are going to take a few deep breaths in and out while looking back at that space you chose to focus on while meditating earlier. This is to prepare your mind to receive the messages clearly.

Take your time and review Card 1 because it will formulate the direction of the answers given in the remaining 7 cards. What I usually advise beginners & intermediate learners is to read the messages associated with each card and write down a few words that resonate with you in your journal. I keep a tarot journal and an oracle for my own personal reference and I advise you to do the same. There will be a digital journal available soon on my portfolio page…so hold this space.😎 You will need this to follow along with my celestial teachings in the future.

Okay, so now you have went through all 7 cards and read the messages attached to them. How do you feel? I hope enlightened because now it’s time to write ✍️

You are going to formulate your own sentences from all that has been revealed to you for this Mercury direct in Aquarius energy. Each of the resonated words should help formulate 1-3 sentences of guidance to you, by you. Please try not to write exactly what the cards say or what the guidebooks might say. You should create sentences of guidance to yourself from the words that resonated with you the most. Begin there and just continue to write freely. Repeat this for every card.

And boom! You now have guidance shown to you clearly and divined by you clearly for Mercury stationing direct in Aquarius. Congratulations!🎉🎊🎈🍾

Easy, right?! 🌞

There is no additional advise for me to give you on this part because this is how I am teaching you to rely on your own intuitive to discern which messages are for you and for you to connect with your higher self in new ways with creative intuitive activities.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or just drop me a note to let me know you have completed this activity.

You can do this with any transit btw. It’s a very simple intuitive exercise I believe we all should know how to complete at any time. As a celestial teacher, I believe that everyone should know and understand the basics of intuitive card pulls. So, I’m here to teach you.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without.