Book of Magick: Godis of Magic and Divination

Before diving into another one of my short stories inside from my Book of Magick, please take the time to read these first. Everything makes so much more sense if you keep up with each chapter released in order. 😏 “My dearest, divine sisters we have exactly one millisecond left to project over to TheContinue reading “Book of Magick: Godis of Magic and Divination”

Book of Magick: Sun & Moon Pairing Ceremony

Chapter 4: Earth 772 Nyxiah grabbed Tarurian’s hand as she pulled him towards the Hillyer. “Come on Taurian, we are going to miss my favorite part of the Sun and Moon pairing ceremony. You always walk so slow when I am in a hurry!” Taurian continued to drag his feet knowing it would upset hisContinue reading “Book of Magick: Sun & Moon Pairing Ceremony”

Book of Magick: The Miras

The Miras Projecting from one cluster to the next, Akasha fueled by the powers of the five elements, leaped across one hundred stars in less than a second leaving her younger sisters Stella, Nova and Selah behind. Although they were all accustomed to Akasha showing off, Stella could not resist shouting out to Akasha forContinue reading “Book of Magick: The Miras”

Book of Magick: Year 2.0.8

Year 2.0.8 Riding in with her army of five hundred Shebas on the backs of giant lions that synced with their every move in a sensual but dangerous way, Commander Kiya lifted her staff to halt the march directly in front of the Queen Mother’s throne. Kiya then lowered her staff and the Army ofContinue reading “Book of Magick: Year 2.0.8”