Intuitive Quickie: Building a Team to make for a Genius Operation

Miracles & Potential! If this were a twitter post…that would be the tweet. Those 3 words explain this entire intuitive quickie. I actually started to put this entire message into a thread but I really wanted to make this message stand out loud and clear for many of you today. So, here we go. ThereContinue reading “Intuitive Quickie: Building a Team to make for a Genius Operation”

Stability is on it’s way! Don’t worry.

There is a very strong indication of an Aries energy bringing massive POWER back to the collective. Know that this flow has most of you sitting in a “Queen of Pentacles” energy as the outcome. If you aren’t familiar with the Big QP (my personal reference for her, lol 😝) please research this tarot card.Continue reading “Stability is on it’s way! Don’t worry.”