Hello Star Family!!! I am Back!

I can’t explain how deeply happy I am to be typing this message in this exact moment! Truly, if you have ever wondered what being grateful in all that is presently in your life feels like…I can attest to the fact that it feels just like how I feel right now. As usual, before IContinue reading “Hello Star Family!!! I am Back!”

Intuitive Quickie: This is “Ancestral not Generational” (7 April)

There is an energy around the collective that has a “waiting” vibe around it. This energy heightened on/around the 7th of April which is when I began to type this post. This is an energy is rooted in communication around something we either released or need to release our hold onto as it no longerContinue reading “Intuitive Quickie: This is “Ancestral not Generational” (7 April)”

Intuitive Quickie: Pisces New Moon 🌚

I was shown dreams under a rainbow, soul level creativity, and purity in all forms. During my daily oracle check-in with my guides, it was revealed to me that the collective will be given a clear opening. This opening is shown to me as being under a rainbow like energy field. We are being giftedContinue reading “Intuitive Quickie: Pisces New Moon 🌚”

Intuitive Quickie: Organize for Success

I don’t know who needs to read this specifically but there is a sense of urgency around some of you needing to clear space but in an organized fashion. But not so much of a getting rid of “things” kind of way. Let me explain more. After sending out my divined Moon in Scorpio tweet…Continue reading “Intuitive Quickie: Organize for Success”

Intuitive Quickie: “Delivery” energy of something you have been wishing for has entered the timeline

Today, I recommend you grounding and clearing your space. I’m just going to put this out there right in the beginning of this intuitive quickie. During my morning meditation, I saw multiple messages around “delivery.” These messages were rooted in desires and wish fulfillment in regards to emotional things and material things. The emotional aspectContinue reading “Intuitive Quickie: “Delivery” energy of something you have been wishing for has entered the timeline”

Intuitive Quickie: Building a Team to make for a Genius Operation

Miracles & Potential! If this were a twitter post…that would be the tweet. Those 3 words explain this entire intuitive quickie. I actually started to put this entire message into a thread but I really wanted to make this message stand out loud and clear for many of you today. So, here we go. ThereContinue reading “Intuitive Quickie: Building a Team to make for a Genius Operation”

Intuitive Quickie: Sneak Peek into what’s in store for each Modality during this Chinese New Year 🐂

Happy Lunation to each and every single one of you! I woke up this morning so pumped and so freakin’ excited to share the sacred knowledge that was shown to me in my dreamscape and during my morning after NM rituals. I will share some of my Morning After NM Rituals as an addition toContinue reading “Intuitive Quickie: Sneak Peek into what’s in store for each Modality during this Chinese New Year 🐂”

Intuitive Quickie 9 February 2021

Profound changes are happening across this plane of existence. Know that this is a “Heart Level” kind of energy. New friendships and opportunities will occur. These friendships will be deeply inspiring and rewarding. Intention is the greatest creative power on Earth. Please keep that in mind throughout the upcoming week. What you intend, you willContinue reading “Intuitive Quickie 9 February 2021”

Intuitive Quickie 3 February 2021

There is an Ending here for the collective today. This ending may seem small within but without…it is quite huge. There is an energy of “closing out chapters fully” here for you today. How will you embrace it tho?  Understand that the world is in a negative place right now. Shadow is definitely working hisContinue reading “Intuitive Quickie 3 February 2021”

Intuitive Quickie: High Expectations

If you haven’t seen my most recent twitter posts (@scribegodess) you probably won’t understand why I am writing this all out in a blog post at this very moment. (Tbh…I actually typed this up over a week ago and recently found it 🙈. I guess it was waiting for me to find and post today.)Continue reading “Intuitive Quickie: High Expectations”